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Thailand and Laos by Bike
Thailand and Laos by Bike

Thailand and Laos by Bike

Our nine-to-five jobs certainly take a toll on us. That’s why you want to be certain you get the most out of your vacation. One World Bicycle Expeditions in Thailand promises exactly that, through eco-tourism.

Torsak and Katie
Torsak and Katie. Photos courtesy of One World Bike Expeditions.

Eco-tourism offers participants an opportunity to become immersed in a different culture while having minimal impact on the environment. One World Bicycle Expeditions offers bike tours of Thailand and Laos, and the benefits of such a trip extend far beyond rest and relaxation. “Our goal is to create peace and understanding by getting people together from different cultures. We take people all around northeastern Thailand and Laos, and biking is a great way to do that. It’s good for the planet and it’s good for the rider,” says Katie Murray Tiparos. She and her husband Torsak, own and operate One World Bicycle Expeditions with the mission to offer guests a spiritual renewal born of exercise, good food, a new perspective, outdoor living and gentle friends. And because they’re serious bike enthusiasts, the couple hopes to promote the bicycle as the perfect mode of ecological transport and discovery.

“When you go into a village and you go on bikes, everyone wants to know where you’re from and how far you’ve biked that day. The locals want to feed you and make sure you have enough to drink. They totally want to take care of you. If you come into a village on a motorcycle or a car it’s a completely different reception,” says Katie.

One World Bicycle Expeditions offers different bike routes from five-day to ten-day tours, and accommodations range from air-conditioned hotels to the humble homes of Torsak’s friends and family. “We eat the local foods. We help harvest rice, we even plant rice depending on the season. You really get to interact with the people in a way that would be impossible as an average tourist,” Katie says.

“The typical American lives in a culture that is extremely fast-paced and competitive, and so to have ten days to relax and experience the gentle, Buddhist Thai culture that has survived for over a thousand years is like a profound breath of fresh air into your life,” Katie continues. “And eco-tourism is not only important, it’s growing more and more popular. People know that we need to do things for the planet and they want to connect with others and not just sit on a cruise ship or stay at a four-star hotel.”

So whether you decide to bike along the legendary Mekong River, ride on elephants through jungles populated with tigers and bears, or take a glimpse of Laotian culture, a tour with One World Bike Expeditions is definitely a life-altering way to spend your vacation.

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