Breathless book cover floating above a global firestorm.


The Oxygen Apocalypse

From the author of the best-selling travel memoir Falling Uphill comes a breathtaking dystopian novel.

Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse. Book cover. An image of a man living inside a giant jar with the last tree on Earth. Outside is a dead world that has run out of oxygen.
Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse by Scott Stoll.

Please note: This page is a work in progress. I expect to launch Breathless in autumn 2023.

The greatest mass extinctions in Earth’s history were caused by cataclysmic oxygen depletion. And it is happening again but this time due to humanity’s rampant consumption.

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In the age of global warming and climate change, humanity is focused more on the byproducts of the industrial age like the carbon dioxide belching out of the backend of our vehicles and factories; however, the greatest mass extinctions in Earth’s history were caused by cataclysmic oxygen depletion, and it has begun again; however, this time due to humanity’s rampant industrialization and burning of fossil fuels. Breathless takes you into the near probable future as humanity crosses the tipping point and a series of events destroys most of the Earth’s remaining oxygen and her ability to produce more, leaving a handful of people to survive the ravaged environment and question whether it is worth saving themselves, much less humanity.

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Highly entertaining and full of more science fact than science fiction

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Author’s Note

I think great science fiction is based on creating a believable world for the reader to step into. I have been fascinated with the idea of the Earth running out of oxygen since I was a child. It never made sense to me that a tree could produce enough oxygen for me to breathe, much less to power a car. Since then, I’ve researched these concepts so much that I believe oxygen depletion is the core problem behind carbon dioxide, global warming and climate change. I’m convinced Breathless is not only believable but probable. If humanity takes a few more wrong turns, we can all be living in this apocalyptic world. Even if this theory is wrong, as an author I do selfishly hope that readers of Breathless will be inspired to ride their bicycles a little more often.

To illustrate the serious science behind this issue, and to create some entertaining fear for the reader — don’t we all love to be horrified sometimes — I created a blog series based on my years of research and real scientific fact. I think this proves that global warming is only a symptom of a much larger problem.

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