How to order

Order signed books here. Or, contact us with questions.

International orders

  • Sorry, the price of the United States Postal Service keeps increasing. You can still order books here signed by the author. Please contact us to place an international order. However, if you don’t need a signature, most of our books are printed in locations around the world (Canada, European Union, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, Germany, Russia, China, India, Italy, Spain and more coming soon). So order at your local bookstore or your local version of Amazon.

Bulk orders

  • RETAIL STORES and BOOKSELLERS. Standard industry discounts are available (wholesale prices) and books are shipped directly to your business. Order the book through Ingram or your standard distribution services. “Dream It!” is also available direct through our publisher. APA members get a discount.
  • SCHOOLS. Special bulk orders can be shipped directly to your organization at wholesale prices.
  • NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Special bulk orders can be shipped directly to your organization at wholesale prices.
  • FUNDRAISING EVENTS. Perhaps your school or organization would like to organize a simple fundraiser with Scott’s children’s books with Scott as a visiting guest author. Meeting Scott in person inspires students to dream big dreams and discover the faith that dreams, like cycling around the world, are really possible. And, the books make great gifts for friends or family. We’ll even donate a set to the school library. For more information, please click here.

Individual orders

  • signed by the author Scott Stoll
    BUY NOW. Support authors and artists by buying direct. Purchase the book here, through my website, and receive a personalized copy. Buy now.
  • ORDER AT YOUR FAVORITE BOOKSTORE. Special order books at your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore.
  • ONLINE. Buy the book online at your favorite store. Most major retailers carry all of Scott’s books. However, please consider supporting your local community by buying direct. Make informed decisions, read an interesting article about The high cost of low prices.
    • Paperback. Available for order everywhere.
    • Ebook. Scott’s ebooks are available at your favorite ebook stores and even the library.
    • Audiobook. Falling Uphill is available through most audiobook stores.
  • HAND DELIVERED. Organize your local community to host a lecture by Scott Stoll and he’ll bring the books to you. More info.

Free books

  • FREE at your local library, school or community organization. As a public service, libraries will order books upon your request. You may also ask your school or community organization to order a copy for their personal libraries and study groups.
  • FREE review copies signed by the author.
    • Promise to write an unbiased Amazon review good or bad and get any book mailed to anyone in the United States with a personal inscription from the author. You need to have an active Amazon account with pre-existing reviews, be willing to write at least one sentence and disclaim that this was a review copy.
  • FREE loan. I love my book so much that I will loan you my personal copy of the Kindle e-book. Contact me.
  • [Temporarily discontinued. Scott discontinued using Kindle Unlimited to make the book available everywhere.] FREE rental. The e-book is free to read to those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime Lender’s Library.

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