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Falling Uphill by author Scott Stool. A Next Generation Indie Book Award winner for Memoir: Personal Struggle. 2018.
Falling Uphill by Author Scott Stoll won the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Memoir: Personal Struggle. Now a rare award-winning AND best-selling independent book. Scott’s story has been seen by millions across the globe.

About the author

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Scott Stoll looking his best on the boat to Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa.

Scott Stoll asked himself a question: “If I could do anything, what would I do?” His answer resulted in a quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle (32,344 miles, 4 years, 59 countries, 6 continents). His adventures are chronicled in his best-selling and award-winning book “Falling Uphill,” a tale described as having moments from pure survival to pure enlightenment. He was honored to be the Cultural Ambassador to Argentina by the US Department of State and received the Hosteling International’s “Spirit of Adventure Award,” among other distinctions. Not least of all, Scott is proud to have been blogging since before blogging was even a word.

Learn more about Scott’s mission and this website. You might like to see more stories about Scott in the Press Room.

Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse. Book cover. An image of a man living inside a giant jar with the last tree on Earth. Outside is a dead world that has run out of oxygen.


The Oxygen Apocalypse

Hard Science Fiction. Dystopian Cli-Fi. Apocalyptic.

Paperback. Ages: Mature audience.
New 2023.

Science Fiction: In this plausible near-future thriller, rampant consumerism leads to a sudden decline in oxygen, and survivors are left wondering if humanity is worth saving.

Available in a paper book and ebook. The audiobook is coming soon.

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Falling Uphill Anniversary Edition: One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle. By Scott Stoll.
Award-Winning Book

Falling Uphill

One man’s quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle

New Anniversary Edition. Over one year in making with bonus chapters and postscripts. This is Scott’s magnum opus, the best-selling book about his 4-year journey searching for the meaning of life (as featured in the New York Times), including many harrowing adventures, like being thrown in prison, mugged at gunpoint, nearly dying of dehydration, and equally as many heartwarming moments.

Available in a paper book, audiobook, ebook and there is also a young adult edition, children’s chapter book in both English and Spanish as well as an adult Korean edition.

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Children’s books by Scott Stoll

Feel Your Feelings book cover. Silver finalist in the California Reading Association awards. EUREKA! 2022 Excellence in Nonfiction. By Scott Stoll and Sara E. Williams. Published by Magination Press.
Award-Winning Book

Feel Your Feelings

Hardcover picture book. Ages: 2–7.
New 2022.

Feel Your Feelings introduces children to basic emotions with fun poems that they can act out from head to toe. They will learn that emotions are our friends. Some emotions show us what we love, others protect us from harm, and all of them put together, like colors on an artist’s palette, paint a beautiful picture of life.

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Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness.

Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness

Paperback workbook. Ages: 12+

Do you want to live the biggest, brightest, best life possible? Do you want to create things never seen before? Do you want to do things never done before? Do you want your life to mean something and make a difference? In other words, do you want to feel and be awesome? If so, this book is for you!

Dream It! is chock full of activities, games, and brainstorming questions to help you discover your passions, identify your strengths and values, create brand-new, unique-to-you dreams… and ultimately open the door to a life full of possibilities! So get ready—with this playbook as your guide, not even the sky’s the limit.

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Mirabella the Monarch's Magical Migration book front cover

Mirabella the Monarch’s Magical Migration

Children’s chapter book. Ages: 5-12.

Every year the monarch butterflies undertake the most amazing migration on Earth. Over the course of four generations, they travel from Canada to Mexico and back. This is an educational story about their challenging journey and the inspirational story of how one generation can inspire the next to make the world a better place.

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Falling Uphill: The Young Adventurer Edition. The true story of one man’s quest around the world on a bicycle seeking the meaning of life. By Scott Stoll.

Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition

Ages: 8+.

The true story of one man’s quest around the world on a bicycle seeking the meaning of life.

To help make this book available to low-income schools around the world, I’ve decided to publish it online one frequently asked question at a time. Additionally, it comes with a teacher’s guide and classroom activities to help students turn their dreams into reality.

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Sold out! Thank you. Please contact us if you are interested in placing a bulk order. We’ll order more.

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life. A true story about finding happiness in the last place left to look. By Scott Stoll. Book cover.

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life

Children’s chapter book. Ages: 5-12.

This is the true story about a man who bicycles around the world questing for the secret of life. His journey is full of many wonders, but he eventually returns home discouraged—only then does he discover the secret in the last place left to look.

More info. Read it before you buy it.

Ilustración de Scott montando su bicicleta y cayendo cuesta arriba.

Cayendo Hacia Arriba: El Secreto De La Vida

Children’s chapter book. Ages: 5-12.

It was the honor of a lifetime to be invited by the US Embassy and the schools of Argentina to collaborate on this special Spanish edition featuring all-new illustrations from the point of view of the Argentina culture and several new pages just for the Spanish edition.

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The Cupcake Boy. A story about learning to live a life of passion. By Scott Stoll.

The Cupcake Boy

Children’s chapter book. Ages: 5-12.

“The Cupcake Boy” is a story about a boy who makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world; however, the villagers take the boy for granted. So disheartened, he leaves his home wondering: “Why should I bake cupcakes for a world that doesn’t love me?”

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Ruby The Red Worm's Dirty Job. A story about composting and over-coming bullying in favor of the bigger picture. By Scott Stoll.

Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job

Children’s chapter book. Ages: 5-12.

My adventures around the world have evolved into working with schools. This is a humorous and educational introduction to composting and the essential role worms serve in the ecosystem. More importantly, it is a story about living a life of passion despite life’s bullies — even if it means eating dirt.

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Books by other authors

With stories about Scott and friends

Pedal Power: Inspirational stories from the world of cycling.

Pedal Power: Inspirational Stories from the World of Cycling

Scott Stoll has a chapter about his bicycle journeys and how his adventures fuel a desire to make the world a better place.

A bike can be so many different things—a simple way of navigating busy city streets or enjoying quiet lanes, a cross-country steed to take a rider up hill and down dale, or even a world-beating racing machine. What unites everyone who rides is that they each have their own cycling story to tell. This book collects inspirational stories from riders around the world, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the London cyclist who rode 10,000 km in a month, to the daredevil trials rider who hops from building to building, to classic tales of grand-tour rivalries and legendary cycling records of days gone by. Essential reading for anyone who loves life on two wheels.

Available on Amazon.

By The Seat of My Pants. Edited by Don George. Lonely Planet.

By the Seat of My Pants

Scott Stoll has a co-starring role in Edwin Tucker’s “Let the Buyer Beware”. This story is based on the funniest chapter in “Falling Uphill” but from Edwin’s POV.

Humorous tales of travel and misadventure. Lonely Planet knows that some of life’s funniest experiences happen on the road. Whether they take the form of unexpected detours, unintended adventures, unidentifiable dinners or unforgettable encounters, they can give birth to our most found travel lessons, and our most memorable – and hilarious – travel stories. These 31 globegirdling tales that run the gamut from close-encounter safaris to loss-of-face follies, hair-raising rides to culture-leaping brides, eccentric expats to mind-boggling repasts, wrong roads taken to agreements mistaken. The collection brings together some of the world’s most renowned travellers and storytellers with previously unpublished writers.

Available on Amazon.

Books by Guest Authors

Over the years, we’ve featured my guest adventurers and some who wrote books. We think you’ll enjoy both their book (available on Amazon) and their stories here on our website.

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