My worksheets for kids have been so popular — we turned a whole set of them into the book “Dream It!” — that I’ve decided to start making them for adults. Actually, these worksheets started as a fun way for me to learn and challenge myself, too.

They may seem like kid’s stuff but a lot of these ideas, like social-emotional concepts and our formula for turning dreams into reality (dream > map > play), are only beginning to be taught in schools now. So, I believe it is a good way for adults to learn the basics, and every adult can be a teacher to those around them. Also, I just like to draw in an abstract way. It isn’t art as much as an illustration of an idea. 

For more worksheets, visit my website for kids and their parents, teachers and health care professionals: I think they offer a creative challenge for any age. And you can read our evidence-based research backing these worksheets.

Bridge the gap. An illustration of a bicyclist trying to get over a pit filled, and an illustration of a man stranded on an island trying to get pot of gold.

Bridge the gap

A 3-part worksheet to help you get unstuck. This is an exercise to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your dream. Can you get from one side to the other using either logic or emotions?

Mental Health Checkup and Toolkit

Mental Health Checkup & Toolkit

Homeschool your family in an optimistic mental health strategy that not only teaches how to manage stress and stay healthy but get excited about the future.

A infographic that shows a cloud on one side (a dream) and a box on the other side (reality). All you need to do get from one side to the other is to take steps of action, in other words, participate.

How to turn dreams into reality

The “magical” formula for turning dreams into reality that I discovered while traveling the world. 1) Dream it. 2) Map it. 3) Play it.

How to fall uphill infographic. A bicyclist falls up a mountain until they are standing on the top.

How to fall uphill

The first part of being a good adventurer is knowing where you are, and this worksheet helps you figure that out. It also gives a hint about what to do if you are stuck. Based on Scott’s adventure around the world on a bicycle.


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