Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.


Pencil and paper activities to help plan your life.

Want to plan your adventure in life. You found the right spot.

These worksheets started as a fun way for me to learn and challenge myself! Then I began making them for kids, and I was surprised how popular they were with adults. It’s a great way to learn the basics about turning dreams into reality: finding your passion, setting goals, making a plan, overcoming obstacles and living a life filled with joy and meaning. 

Stay tuned. I have been working on this stuff for years and will be posting more adult-oriented content soon.

More worksheets for kids here.

The Dream Workbook

If you want to focus on just the first step of planning an adventure, I recommend my workbook, “Dream It“. It will guide you step-by-step on how to find a dream — your passion in life. 

Bridge the gap. An illustration of a bicyclist trying to get over a pit filled, and an illustration of a man stranded on an island trying to get pot of gold.

Bridge the gap

A 3-part worksheet to help you get unstuck. This is an exercise to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your dream. Can you get from one side to the other using either logic or emotions?

Mental Health Checkup and Toolkit

Mental Health Checkup & Toolkit

Homeschool your family in an optimistic mental health strategy that not only teaches how to manage stress and stay healthy but get excited about the future.

How to fall uphill infographic. A bicyclist falls up a mountain until they are standing on the top.

How to fall uphill

The first part of being a good adventurer is knowing where you are, and this worksheet helps you figure that out. It also gives a hint about what to do if you are stuck. Based on Scott’s adventure around the world on a bicycle.