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Scott’s Adventures

What is adventure? An adventure is similar to an exploration or a feat of endurance, but an adventure has the connotation of being poorly planned. In a way, all of life is a poorly planned adventure, where we play with the mysteries, dance on the edge of the unknown and push the boundaries of what it means to be human.

These are stories of my adventures through life, like riding a bicycle around the world, being the Cultural Ambassador to Argentina and—hopefully—many more, big and small. I like to collect life experiences. I invite you along for the ride as I explore the inner and outer world and learn to become a better person.

Adventure Updates

There are many steps to completing any adventure. 

Below are stories from the road, and some stories about stories. Yes, writing a book is an adventure and a hard one — it requires one to bare their soul, which I think is harder than facing the bears. 

There aren’t as many stories here as you might expect. That’s because when my adventures graduate, they get promoted to a book or short story. I delete all the old blog posts — close to a thousand to date — so that my readers can just focus on the best of the best. 

A story about getting fit both physically and mentally to swim one mile. I also share the process that I created to harness different types of passion. Did you know there is more than one kind of passion? I didn’t. In retrospect, it’s a similar process that I used to cycle around the world. And, it’s a process that you can use to achieve your goals, too.  
Many years later, this question is still one of the most common questions about my journey around the world on a bicycle. Did you break a world record? The short answer is yes and no. In this article, I'll explain the rules for circumnavigating the globe according to Guinness World Records, and, more importantly, how we are all setting our own personal records every day.
Another mis-adventure. I’m more of a misadventurer than an adventurer. Though I may look like a bumbling fool, I love the surprise of leaping before I look. However, often I get much more than I bargained for as I do in this Jamaican adventure.
I went on an archaeological dig uncovering the history of the Hopewell Native American Culture. The dig also dug up some memories of my great-grandmother and old childhood fear that I finally get to lay to rest.
The perfect vacation versus the unexpected adventure. It's the irony of being a travel author: on the one hand, I want an adventure; on the other, I want safety and comfort and lots of umbrella drinks and fish tacos.
My audition tapes for the Survivor TV show including eating a tarantula, a never-before-seen strategy, and funny excerpts from my 2008 handwritten application.
Scott applies to be a crew candidate for the dearMoon project to fly to the moon and back aboard the SpaceX Starship as one of the first space tourists.
A weekend in Red River Gorge, near the Adventure Capital of Kentucky, gave me time to think about what I've achieved in my life so far.