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Favorite travel and adventure books

Here are a few of my favorite books in the travel and adventure genre, and a few books that changed my life. These are my highest recommendations. (I’ve just started this list, so there will be more to come soon.) Disclaimer: I’m an Amazon affiliate. More info below.

Book cover. You can never find a rickshaw when it monsoons by Mo Willems.

My new favorite travel memoir

You Can Never Find A Rickshaw When It Monsoons

I stumbled upon this book in my favorite local used bookstore and couldn’t believe my eyes. As a children’s author myself, Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors. You may know his best-selling Caldecott winners: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale. Discovering that he wrote and illustrated a book about his world travels seemed too good to be true. Mo wrote this book during his gap year after college. At the end of every day, he day drew a picture of the most memorable event. Each illustration is both charming and insightful. If you’ve traveled — or want to — you will get a glimpse into the inner workings of the world and the young mind of Mo Willems.

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Favorite bicycle touring books

An old copy of "The wheels of change" with red, canvas cover and gold emboss.

The Wheels of Chance; A Bicycling Idyll

H.G. Wells wasn’t just a visionary when it came to time machines or men walking on the moon, he also wrote the very first book about bicycle touring, which helped give rise to the female emancipation movement.

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"Taming the Bicycle" by Mark Twain book cover.

Taming the Bicycle

This humorous essay by one of America’s greatest authors gave birth to many famous quotes about riding a bicycle. (Can you spot the famous quotes?) It was written in 1884 shortly before women suffragists like Frances E. Willard, Hellen Keller and Susan B Anthony began to adopt the bicycle as an expression of freedom of movement and freedom of mind.

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Also, don’t miss Mark Twain’s bicycle quotes.

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