Backyard Adventures

Fun mini-adventures that you can do right in your own backyard — literally. I’ve always been an advocate that anything can be an adventure if you have eyes of wonder. Once I was told that if you want to meet god, you need go no further than a flower. So, for me, I have often sought adventures close to home. (And, now I am lucky to have my own garden.) Most people think this is kid’s stuff, but I challenge adults to find an adventure in their everyday life, too.

How to turn dreams into reality: Dream It! Map It! Play It!

Update: All of our kid-friendly Backyard Adventures have been moved to Dreamaplay and updated with new content. These are inspirational exercises to help kids (and their caretakers) find their passions, dreams and life goals. 

We left a few backyard adventures here as an example. 

Boarding Pass for NASA's Mars 2020 mission with the planet Mars in the background

Send your name to Mars

Join Scott on his mission to Mars. Well… really it is just his name etched in silicon that will be going on NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover, but anyone can join.

International Space Station over Earth the pale blue dot.

Spot the International Space Station

Here is an easy backyard adventure that I have done 3 times already. You can easily spot the International Space Station flying overhead. It looks a lot like a fast airplane except that’s a lot higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour.

Grow grass not food sign for front lawn

Grow Food NOT Grass

What better way to have a backyard adventure than to grow a garden? This backyard adventure is part of the mini-series that I like to call: Bringing the world to your doorstep. ASSIGNMENT: Your adventure, should you choose to accept it, is to grow a simple garden. Growing basil in a pot is an easy

Are you a flutterby or a butterfly? Don't let life pass you by.

Are you a flutterby?

Do you stop to smell the flowers and sip the nectar of life? Or do you just flutter past everything and let your wings get caught in the winds of life?

Scott feeding a Bengal tiger

Returning home as an essential part of travel

Before I even returned home from bicycling the world, I wondered if I would see everything in a new light of wisdom. Will returning to Waukesha, Wisconsin be full of fanfare or boredom?

Todd Hall Elementary elephant sculpture

An elephant-sized lesson in recycling

Last week I got to visit a school in the Chicago area. The art teacher Ms. Holly, of Todd Hall Elementary School, thought of making an elephant sculpture out of recyclable laundry detergent bottles. This is a great, life-sized example of just how much stuff we use — most of it, unfortunately, doesn’t get recycled.

Students examine red worms and compost bin

Classroom composting

Illustration of the new children’s book has begun at the Waukesha STEM Academy charter school. Above one of 18 art classes is working on their drawings for “Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job”.

A snail with reddish-orange stripes on the wet pavement.

Photo Safari

Backyard Adventures. Fun, mini-expeditions helping students and parents see the world with eyes of wonder. First in my series is the Photo Safari.


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