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Books by guest adventurers

Here are a few books by our guest authors. We think you’ll enjoy both the book and their stories here on our website.

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Books with stories about Scott and friends

Pedal Power: Inspirational stories from the world of cycling.

Pedal Power: Inspirational Stories from the World of Cycling

Scott has a chapter about his bicycle journeys and how his adventures fuel a desire to make the world a better place.

Synopsis: A bike can be so many different things—a simple way of navigating busy city streets or enjoying quiet lanes, a cross-country steed to take a rider up hill and down dale, or even a world-beating racing machine. What unites everyone who rides is that they each have their own cycling story to tell. This book collects inspirational stories from riders around the world, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the London cyclist who rode 10,000 km in a month, to the daredevil trials rider who hops from building to building, to classic tales of grand-tour rivalries and legendary cycling records of days gone by. Essential reading for anyone who loves life on two wheels.

Available on Amazon.

By The Seat of My Pants. Edited by Don George. Lonely Planet.

By the Seat of My Pants

New 2018 Edition. Scott has a co-starring role in Edwin Tucker’s “Let the Buyer Beware”. This story is based on the funniest chapter in “Falling Uphill” but from Edwin’s POV. Read the original story here.

Synopsis: Humorous tales of travel and misadventure. Lonely Planet knows that some of life’s funniest experiences happen on the road. Whether they take the form of unexpected detours, unintended adventures, unidentifiable dinners or unforgettable encounters, they can give birth to our most found travel lessons, and our most memorable – and hilarious – travel stories. These 31 globegirdling tales that run the gamut from close-encounter safaris to loss-of-face follies, hair-raising rides to culture-leaping brides, eccentric expats to mind-boggling repasts, wrong roads taken to agreements mistaken. The collection brings together some of the world’s most renowned travellers and storytellers with previously unpublished writers.

Available on Amazon.

More books by guest authors

Here are a few recent and/or perennial favorite books by guest authors. You will also find a link to their original guest post which often describes the motivation which led to their journey and book. If you would like to submit your own story with or without a book, contact us. TIA.

Book cover with the back being a reverse image of the front. Ten Thousand Miles of America by Richard A Suleski

Ten Thousand Miles of America

This is one of my favorites. I actually helped edit it. He was an interesting guy. You’ll notice the back cover is a reverse image of the front. I think this shows Rich’s sense of humor, like the wink after a sly joke. Unfortunately, Rich’s book is no longer available. But you can still read a few stories about Rich.

Ultimate High My Everest Odyssey by Goran Kropp

Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey

“Kropp’s first attempt at scaling Everest unassisted ended in frustration when he was forced to turn back only 350 feet — one hour — from the summit, his strength drained, his morale crushed. Despite this setback, and in the face of rapidly deteriorating weather that would result in the deadliest season in Everest’s history, Kropp steeled himself for a second attempt. Just days after the legendary storm that claimed the lives of eight climbers, he tried again and made it to the top of the world — without Sherpa’s aid and without bottled oxygen. He then loaded up his bike for the harrowing 7,000-mile trek back to Stockholm.

Read our guest posts by Goran Kropp. Scott met Göran before his untimely death. You can learn more about that here, too.

Available on Amazon.

This story takes place at the same time and place as Jon Krakauer’s #1, best-selling book,  Into Thin Air.

With the Sun on Our Right by Tim Moss

With the sun on our right

The people we met while cycling the world

Tim and Laura Moss quit their jobs to cycle 13,000 miles around the world. Riding across deserts, over mountains and through jungles, they braved climatic extremes from sub-zero blizzards to the sweltering tropics. But this is not a book about cycling. It is a book about the world and its people.

Read our guest posts by Tim Moss.

Available on Amazon.

Moods of Future Joys by Alastair Humphreys

Moods of Future Joys

Alastair Humphreys’ around-the-world journey of 46,000 miles was an old-fashioned adventure: long, lonely, low-budget, and spontaneous. Cycling across five continents and sailing over the oceans, his ride took four years to complete, on a tiny budget of hoarded student loans. Here is the story of the first remarkable stage of the expedition. Just two weeks into the ride the September 11th attacks changed everything. All Humphreys’ plans went out the window and, instead of riding towards Australia, he suddenly found himself pedaling through the Middle East and Africa and on toward Cape Town. This book recounts an epic journey that succeeded through Humphreys’ trust in the kindness of strangers, at a time where the interactions of our global community are more confused and troubled than ever.

Read our guest post by Alastair Humphreys. Scott and Alastair were on the road at the same time, yet his journey was quite different.

Available on Amazon.

Rowboat in a Hurricane: My Amazing Journey Across a Changing Atlantic Ocean by Julie Angus

Rowboat in a Hurricane:
My Amazing Journey Across a Changing Atlantic Ocean

In 2005-06, Julie Angus and her fiancé Colin—National Geographic‘s 2007 Adventurers of the Year—rowed 10,000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean—from Lisbon to Costa Rica—making Angus the first woman in the world to travel from mainland to mainland in a rowboat. The 145-day journey, through two hurricanes, gave Angus, a trained biologist, a unique perspective on the ocean where she encountered far more plastic bottles, wrappers, toys, and bags than sharks or other once-common sea life.

Read our guest post by Julie Angus.

Available on Amazon.

Pedaling With A Purpose by Rev Johannes Myors

Pedaling With A Purpose

A story 25 years in the making. Travels of missionary servant evangelist Rev Johannes Myors and his ministry Pedal Prayers. During his mission bike tours, Rev Myors has performed evangelism (spoken at almost 1,200 churches), performed roadside counseling, helped after natural disasters, built homes with the Fuller Center for Housing and Habitat for Humanity, and promoted compassionate social action. With every wheel revolution of his bicycle’s wheels, a prayer went up to Heaven. 

Read our guest posts by Rev Johannes.

Available on Amazon.

The Sword of Heaven by Mikkel Aaland

The Sword of Heaven:
A Five Continent Odyssey to Save the World 

Mikkel finds himself drawn into a mysterious Shinto priest’s plan to save the world. Traveling from Norway to the Philippines, Iceland to South Africa, Mikkel places pieces of a sacred Shinto sword in key power spots around the world. Along the way, he comes face to face with his deepest childhood fears of war and destruction, encounters the compelling and mysterious Shinto religion, struggles with the uncertainties of love, and learns to face life with an open heart.

Read our guest post by Mikkel Aaland. This book was our first “Feature Book of the Month” way back in 1999. I even got to meet Mikkel.

Available on Amazon.

The Legacy of Luna by Julia Hill

The Legacy of Luna

The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods. In December of 1997, Julia Butterfly Hill climbed 180 feet (18 stories) up a thousand-year-old redwood tree to protest the clear-cutting of this endangered ecosystem. What was supposed to be a two-week tree-sit turned into a harrowing two years, and this young woman became a world-renowned, super-activist, and “Luna,” the tree that was her home, was saved from the sawmills.

Read our guest posts by Julia Hill.

Available on Amazon.

Changing Gears by Nancy Sathre Vogel

Changing Gears 

Changing Gears is the true story of one woman asking herself that very question. What followed was a family journey of epic proportions – a journey of physical challenge, emotional endurance, teamwork, perseverance, and tremendous learning opportunities. It was a discovery of self, of priorities, of accepting hardships, of appreciating blessings, and of contrasting a comfortable past life with the extreme hardship and poverty of those they met.

Read our guest posts by Nancy Sathre-Vogel.

Available on Amazon.

Antarctic Odyssey by Patricia Graham Collier

Antarctic Odyssey:
Endurance and Adventure in the Farthest South

In the footsteps of the south polar explorers. “Where would you go to find the answers to life’s deepest questions? Is there a God? Why am I here? Is there life after death? For seventy-six-year-old Professor Graham Collier, the answers were found in Antarctica.

Read our guest posts by Professor Patricia Graham Collier.

Available on Amazon.

Bitterroot by Abena Songbird


Abena Songbird’s poetry displays a rare understanding of both Native people from the country and from urban settings-the street. I’m very touched always by Abena’s poetry and I’m so glad she’s published! Now it will be easier to share her words and meanings with friends and family. Reading Bitterroot sometimes I just weep. Sometimes I dance and am delighted. What more can you ask of a poet than that?

Read our guest posts by Abena Songbird.

Available on Amazon.

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Barnes and Noble Affiliate of the Month Award

Fun fact: Back in 2000, our website won the Barnes & Noble Affiliate of the Month award. Believe it or not, our website was the first website to introduce the idea of combining a story with a related product link from an affiliate sponsor. Now it sounds so obvious that it is hard to believe, but we were real pioneers on the internet.