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Tim Moss

Tim Moss

I’m Tim Moss, a British adventurer and accountant. I encourage people to live more adventurously with stories, resources, books and an expedition grant.
Tim Moss, Oncoming Traffic. Cycling the world.
Guest Adventures

With the sun on our right

Tim and Laura Moss quit their jobs to cycle 13,000 miles around the world. Riding across deserts, over mountains and through jungles, they braved climatic extremes from sub-zero blizzards to the sweltering tropics.
But this is not a book about cycling.
It is a book about the world and its people.

Tim Moss cycling road to Isfahan, Iran during his big cycle. With the Sun on Our Right.
Guest Adventures

Tim Moss Expeditions

Tim Moss is another pioneer of helping people find the adventures in everyday life; thus he calls them Everyday Adventures.

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