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The sphinx asking a riddle: "If you could do anything, what would you do?"
In the hero’s journey, the Sphinx was a threshold guardian. If you couldn’t answer the Sphinx’s riddle, you were eaten alive. This allegory reminds us that we have to be ready, willing and able to change. When Scott asked himself “If I could do anything…” it led to the Aha! moment that inspired his journey around the world on a bicycle and has become a guiding philosophy ever since.

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Welcome. I explore how to live a more meaningful and joyful life, and I invite you to join the journey. My goal is to make this website entertaining, inspirational and educational to facilitate this process. Here is how to get the most of this website and your adventure in life. (By the way, go here if you want to learn more about my vision and mission.)

This website works the same as my formula for turning dreams into reality:

  1. Get inspired. (Dream big or little.)
  2. Plan your adventure/life. (To me everything is an adventure.)
  3. Live your dream. (Share your adventure, get support and inspire others.)

I elaborate on each step below.

1. Get inspired.

Get a quick overview with this beautiful graphic of our 3-step formula. How to turn dreams into reality. If you only read one article, read this one!

If you liked the above article, try our Hero Series, which discusses what is an adventure, your purpose in life, and more.

Follow my adventures and misadventures and lessons learned. I aim to make my stories entertaining and hope that you feel as if you are riding alongside me living, loving and learning. I like to learn through playing and these turn into the inspirational stories and educational material below. Scott’s Adventures.

Read some stories by our Guest Adventurers. We hope someday, you will be one of them.

You don’t have to go far or go big, our Backyard Adventures help you find adventures in everyday life.

2. Plan your adventure/life.

Start here to begin planning your own adventure/life.

Download some worksheets. I create free printables that help you plan various aspects of your life, like a habit-building exercise. See all the worksheets. I also have lots of worksheets for kids on my other website that teach important concepts in a fun and memorable way.

3. Live your dream and inspire others.

I hope to entertain, inspire and educate people through my misadventures. And, our audience would love to hear about your dreams and adventures. Since 1999 — long before social media was invented — we’ve given hundreds of people a chance to share their stories. Share your amazing adventure of self-discovery.

We are all on this journey through life together, so please like, share and follow to help support each other. Your encouragement and advice go a long way.

Thanks. And I hope you enjoy riding alongside me on this adventure we call life.
~ Scott and friends

How to turn dreams into reality: Dream It! Map It! Play It!

I believe everything is an adventure, and all good adventures start with a dream. So I teamed up with like-minded people who wanted to teach kids these valuable life lessons. For even more fun stuff for kids and their parents, teachers and caregivers, please visit my new site

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