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Thank you for your interest. Scott Stoll is a professionally trained and employed artist and author and semi-professional photographer. The pictures here weren’t cheap or easy to obtain. Scott’s photos have been used by hundreds of businesses and organizations, such as the San Francisco Chronicle, The Tanzanian Ministry of Health, The Australian Parliament, UCSB Education Abroad Program, and many more anonymous uses.

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For members of the professional media, educational, non-profit organizations and social media.

This license is NON-commercial. Meaning you are forbidden to earn a profit from any works or derivative works. You may copy, distribute, display, and perform my copyrighted work — and derivative works based upon it — but only if you give credit to the author/artist. Also, please send me a friendly note letting me know how you are using my artwork; sometimes, its the only compensation I get to renew my passion :)

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For profit. Business and individuals.

Hi-res and retouched images are available in any format you need. For non-exclusive rights to works here for as low as $25.00 USD per work. Rates vary slightly according to usage and resolution and whether you wish to credit the author/artist. Contact us for rates.

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You are welcome to share any stories and images under the Attribution License above. Meaning please attribute my hard work with name (Scott Stoll) and link.

Likewise, this blog is a type of social media, and we assume any images shared on social media may be shared here with attribution.

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We also believe certain quotes or graphics are covered under the Fair Use Act regarding education or journalism.

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Unless otherwise stated, all artwork on this site, especially the design portfolio, was created by Scott Stoll (artist, author, designer or director) and all rights are either owned by the artist or the artist’s client. Furthermore, the artist reserves the right to use the work for personal promotional use, such as but not limited to portfolio examples, including display on this or any website related to promoting the artist’s work. Additionally, the artist reserves the right to use derivatives of the work, such as but not limited to, modifying the illustration or concepts, for profit.

Transfer of ownership

If you hired Scott, exclusive rights to all artwork and all potential derivative works are granted upon special agreement and rates for usage. The grant of any license or right of copyright is conditioned on receipt of full payment. (Warning: copyright law states that the creator of an artwork owns the legal rights. Some designers retain original artwork and copyrights, forcing clients to return to them for any changes or printing of additional materials, and may request royalties for all future usages.)


Most pics and words used on this website are attributed where used, with the following exceptions:

  • Background photo of Mount Everest by Edwin Tucker

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