A directional mileage sign on Harbor Island in the Bahamas. These are common signs erected by expats all over the world. (I was lucky to be in the Bahamas just before the pandemic broke out. Since then, it has been an adventure in home making.)

BIG NEWS — A new book!!!

Feel Your Feelings

It may seem like I am slow to make updates. But I am always hard at work some big projects. I’m proud to announce one dream turned into reality — my new book Feel Your Feelings. During testing, this one has been an instant hit.

Feel your feelings introduces children to basic emotions with fun poems that they can act out from head to toe. They will learn that emotions are our friends. Some emotions show us what we love, others protect us from harm, and all of them put together, like colors on an artist’s palette, paint a beautiful picture of life.

More about this book

Feel Your Feelings book cover. By Scott Stoll and Sara E. Williams. Published by Magination Press.

Recent adventures and big ideas

Welcome! Join my adventures, life experiments and discussions about how to live a more meaningful and joyful life.

Orphaned flip flops hanging in a tree on the beach
Scott's Adventures

The Tree of Lost Soles

The perfect vacation versus the unexpected adventure. It’s the irony of being a travel author: on the one hand, I want an adventure; on the other, I want safety and comfort and lots of umbrella drinks and fish tacos.

A foster cat waiting for the door to open.

Finding purpose in life

Do you ever wonder what is the meaning of life, and what is your purpose? I explain the meaning of life in the simplest term. Once we answer this question, we can then explore how to live a fulfilling life or, in other words, how to turn dreams into reality.

A man wearing a gas mask watches television in a smoggy dystopian world.

How long before the Earth runs out of oxygen?

Have you ever wondered how much breathable air is on Earth? And if we will ever run out? Our atmosphere is paper-thin relative to a basketball, and we use its oxygen to power internal combustion engines, like planes, trains and automobiles, and there is a 60% chance that the electricity you are using to read this post came from fossil fuels combined with oxygen.

How much oxygen does a tree produce

How much oxygen do plants produce?

I calculate how much oxygen a tree breathes and how much excess oxygen a tree produces in three different ways. Spoiler alert: It’s not a lot.

Pirate treasure map

News & Highlights

  • I have begun what I am calling my life experiments series. I plan to use myself as a guinea pig and test all those things we hear we should be doing with our lives. My first experiment is losing weight with my Do-Nothing Diet. Stay tuned for progress updates
  • My newest book Feel Your Feelings is here!  
  • New worksheets for adults. 

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Mars Perseverance Rover

Upcoming adventures

Here are some dreams slowly becoming a reality. I set dreams out like a carrot in front of a donkey. It keeps me feeling hopeful and motivated. No doubt, I will fail at many, but, in retrospect, I’m proud of some of my “failures” too. Pictured above: My name rides aboard the Perseverance Rover.

  • In terms of classical adventures, Scott is looking forward to getting out on a bicycle as soon as possible. He hopes to ride the Ohio to Erie Trail this summer or next.
  • Another adventure I keep thinking about is kayaking the length of the Mississippi River or maybe the Ohio River. 
  • Help Scott choose the next big adventure. 

Popular posts that have withstood the test of time

Jason and the Argonauts battling skeleton warriors

Jason and the Argonauts

The Archetypal Adventure

This classic myth is one of the most ancient stories that exist. It chronicles Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece and the restoration of his family’s throne. This archetypal adventure sets the example for the plot of almost all modern stories, and it may even model what it means to be human: to live, to be challenged, to endure, and to make the world a better place.

Bicycle Quotes

The oldest and best collection of bicycle quotes on the web

Riding a bicycle is the greatest metaphors for life! Well… at least, we think so. That’s why I started collecting these timeless quotable quotes way back in the early 1990s.

Falling Uphill

One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle.​

Scott asked himself, “If I could do anything, what would I do?” His answer turned into a 4-year and 25,752-mile odyssey around the world by bicycle, searching for happiness and the meaning of life. Scott’s journey was one of the first circumnavigations around the planet on a bicycle using only paper maps. Read about the trek around the world on a bicycle.

The map of Scott's World Bicycle Tour
World bicycle tour map, an example of how to ride a bicycle around the world, the red line above is where I rode my bicycle further than the circumference of the planet, not including the United States, which was my warm up ride.
Falling Uphill 3D book cover.
Re-imagine the journey in the best-selling, award-winning, independent book Falling Uphill: One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle..


How to turn dreams into reality

Because we believe everything is an adventure, and all good adventures start with a dream, in 2018, we published our evidence-based workbook Dream It! and matching website Dreamaplay to teach kids (and adults) how to dream and how to turn those dreams into reality using our easy 3-step formula: 1) Dream it! 2) Map it! 3) Play it! 

Dreamaplay.com is full of free, evidence-based resources for kids and their parents, teachers, homeschoolers and health care providers. It was over 4 years in the making and everything was tested in real-world classrooms.

The Dream Team wearing the 3 hats of turning dreams into reality: dream it, map it, play it.
Dream It! is chock full of games
We’ve researched every concept and then reinforced these ideas with interactive, hands-on games. This method of teaching through play is proven not only to improve socio-emotional skills and cognitive development but to be fun and memorable!
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