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Pirate treasure map
X marks the spot. Even pirates need a map to find the hidden treasure. This is an illustration we use for teaching kids how to plan their adventure, which can be anything, even learning to play the violin.


Resources & advice for adventures of any kind

I get a lot of emails asking for advice. When I began planning my trip back in the early 90’s, there were hardly any books about cycle touring and almost nothing online. So, I had to plan my trip from scratch. But, now, there is an overwhelming amount of information and self-proclaimed experts popping up in every niche. You could spend months trying to sort it all out. But, rest assured, I can make this easy for you.

My advice on how to plan an adventure:

I began my trip feeling afraid and lost, but I didn’t know that the very best adventure, by definition, is unimaginable and impossible until it is done. And I didn’t know that humans instinctively fear the unknown. Life is not easy. This is good news! Not only is the world a constantly changing place, but you can actually change it—you can create the adventure you are looking for, you can create the world you want to live in, and you can create yourself to be a hero; therefore, I need to give you no advice except, If you have the passion and the courage—you will find the way.

My advice on how to do an adventure:

Despite what I just said, my main advice is even more simple — Enjoy the journey. That may sound simplistic and easy, but how many people really enjoy their journey through life? Also, remember someday, you will return to living a “regular” and “ordinary” life, so enjoying the journey will mean everything, and simply achieving some monumental goal or notch on your belt may mean nothing at all. Learning to enjoy the journey is insulation against failure. Learning to enjoy the journey is your first defense against taking yourself too seriously. Enjoying the journey is the reward.

How to plan an adventure in a few simple steps

Now that I have told you to ultimately rely on yourself, I will give you a few useful stepping stones. First, let’s define our adventure. Then let’s make our adventure real whether that be riding a bicycle across countries or being a cupcake baker.

Define your journey and theme

3 easy steps to make your adventure/dreams a reality

Does it go without saying that you need a dream, then a plan, then you need to just do it?

The three most important factors when planning your travels

To me, theme is the most important thing, but I’m also overly idealistic. Here are the three most important factors when planning your travels. In order of importance:

  • Health. In both travel and life in general, I feel health is most important. Without good health (physical and mental), your ability to participate will be limited.
  • Weather. Bad weather can ruin your trip and your health.
  • Money. Money can rescue you from the first two scenarios, but not always.

Travel resources, tips & tricks

Everything above are the basics to planning any adventure, but the details can get nitty gritty. Below are some of our popular articles, or go here to see all our Travel tips & tricks by category.


Need some ideas of where to go and what to do?

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