A world map of Scott's bicycle ride around the world

World Bicycle Touring Videos

If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos must be worth a million. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many videos from my trip because I didn’t bring any digital devices with me until the very end when my film camera broke. That being said, I think you will find the following representative of cycling around the world.

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Falling Uphill: The Movie

Quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle

New widescreen HD version with never-seen-before footage. A montage of photos and videos from Scott’s 4-year, 26,000-mile bicycle tour around the world. Previously a Youtube Feature Video and specially requested for the Boston Bicycle Film Festival and showcased on many more.

The short version:

The long version:

I nearly cried watching this video. Just a normal guy and look what he has achieved. ~

Outdoor Wisconsin Interview

Watch my segment with Outdoor Wisconsin on Milwaukee Public Television. It begins at minute 9:00, and the crew did a great job filming, interviewing and editing. Thanks!

It was almost a year ago, the crew filmed me riding around Kohler-Andrae State Park for 3 hours. I was getting tired as I was still wearing my winter coat, and was running low on blood sugar. (A “winter coat” is what us Wisconsinites call those 10-20 extra pounds we gain over the holidays.) The interview only lasted about 15 minutes.

Highlights of my trip to Argentina as the Cultural Ambassador.

I worked with the US Embassy and 12 elementary schools to create “Cayendo Hacia Arriba”. It was another adventure of a lifetime! Read all about it.

The first video is about my trip the Chaco and Corrientes, back where I got stuck in the mud so long ago. The second video is about the making of the book at a school for deaf children. The third video was one of my favorite days at an extremely poor community know as “Fort Apache”. The fourth video is about the “bicicleteada”. The fifth video is one of my favorites. The Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador are distributing the books to all the kids. I love min 1:44. And the last video is a TV interview partially in English.

A couple videos from the book tour

Mini bicycle tour of Wisconsin.

Part 1: If you could do anything, what would you do?

Highlights from Santa Barbara to San Francisco

Part 2: Free Hugs

Meeting some fun people at the Seattle Fish Market and joining the viral hug sensation. Why not!?

Below are couple sneak peaks of the book

Falling Uphill Chapter 25:
Would you please visit my family?

Dennis and Scott visit Machu Picchu, Peru and bicycle through the Bolivian Alto Plano and share a meal with some indigenous people in a mud hut.

Flip through Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition

This is the young adventurer’s edition. The first book looks similar, but only has 132 photos and illustrations.

Scott’s Survivor Audition Tape

Here I am hoping to grow my trip into a new adventure. I love this show. Read my Survivor application.

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More stories about the bike trip

The new book on the floor of the printer's shop waiting to be bound. Each stack is a set of pages.

The making of the book

Here is my new book on the floor of the print shop waiting to be bound. It’s the Spanish edition of the kid’s book, “Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life.” I needed to hover over the guys at the print shop because it just wasn’t getting done on schedule. Aah! And the books need to be on an airplane to Argentina the next day!

Scott feeding a Bengal tiger

Returning home as an essential part of travel

An introduction to enjoying the little things in life and finding an adventure right in your own backyard. Before I even returned home from bicycling the world, I wondered if I would see everything in a new light of wisdom, or whether I might die of boredom.

mother of adventure

The Mother of Adventure

A Mother’s Day Tribute Update: Having traveled the world for years after writing this article it is interesting to discover that one of the most

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