Falling Uphill book cover and Scott standing on the edge of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Falling Uphill Book Tour Splash Screen
The Falling Uphill Bicycling Book Tour.

Falling Uphill Book Tour

Scott circumnavigates North America on a bicycle towing a trailer of books.

Scott Stoll book tour on a bicycle with trailer full of books
Scott Stoll during his book tour on a bicycle towing a trailer full of books. Pictured here on the coast of California. Yes! It was as hard as it sounds.

Unexpected Success!

Update 02-2015: Though I stopped traveling by bicycle, the book tour continued in unexpected ways to make Falling Uphill an Independent Bestseller. I even got to go to Argentina as the Honorary Cultural Ambassador. And best of all hundreds of people have told me they found my journey and my book so inspirational that it changed their lives. For a long time, I thought I had failed, but as you can see sometimes you just need some perspective on the situation.

  • You can backtrack through a few highlights of the book tour journey here: The Falling Uphill Book Tour Archive Page
  • To see the huge amount of success and hundreds of media stories we’ve had so far, visit our Press Room
  • And stay tuned for updates. Falling Uphill continues to grow and we’re expecting more editions and new translations, and maybe someday a movie. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update 6-2010: I’m a little sad to announce that the bicycling part of the Falling Uphill Book Tour has concluded here in Wisconsin. I traveled about halfway around the country before realizing I was being over-ambitious, and that promoting a book is a full-time job, which doesn’t allow for cycling 6-8 hours per day while pulling a trailer full of books. However, I am grateful to also have discovered that by staying in one spot (planning events can take months) I can inspire many more people; indeed, I have rediscovered that friends are the greatest resource on the planet, and I feel honored that the people of Wisconsin have welcomed me back. Someday, I do hope to continue traveling around the country bringing my stories of inspiration to people’s doorstep; however, for now, I must also rest my aching body. Unfortunately, according to several doctors, while cycling the world, I went too many days without proper nutrition and hydration which has affected how my liver metabolizes sugars. But rest assured, I continue to share my story at all the local schools and special events.

Scott poses in front of a bicycle cafe with his bicycle matching the bicycle sign hanging over the door.
Scott strikes a pose in front of a bicycle cafe.

Thanks to everyone who supported the journey.

Scott Stoll

Update 4-2010: As I cycle around the country, literally bringing Falling Uphill to life, I’m asking people the question that drove me around the world on a bicycle: “If you could do anything, what would you do?”

It has been amazing to see the sparkle of inspiration in people’s eyes. The answers have been beyond my imagination, sometimes funny and sometimes serious as many Americans are struggling to pay their bills and reevaluating the meaning of their lives. Follow my adventures as I paint a picture of life in America in 2009-2010 and the timeless wonder of what it means to be human and to dream.

An invitation to join the adventure

"I cycled around the world" bicycle jersey.
Scott’s custom “I cycled around the world” bicycle jersey. Hopefully, it will start up some fun conversations.

Revitalize your self — Revitalize your community.


Thanks to the literally thousands of people who have joined my journey. I’ve enjoyed sharing the afternoon or the day and sometimes a few weeks together.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re already investigating the possibility of making your dream a reality. That’s the first step—dreaming. And, you’re already sharing the passion of your dream with the rest of our participants. That’s the second step—sharing. The Buddha said that if 1000 people share the same dream they are an unstoppable force. How the dream manifests depends on concerted action. You’ve actually taken a small step of action—you clicked that link, and if you break down any task into small enough parts, you can do anything. A famous historical figure, Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Now ask yourself: “Where do I want to go?” Then look for the next step.

Bicycle on top of the world
Bicycle on top of the world

Of course, bicycling isn’t everyone’s dream, but everyone has dreams. Why not join me for a ride through the countryside as an example that you can take that first small step in your own personal adventure of discovery? Why not challenge yourself and inspire your loved ones by sharing the adventure for an hour? Join the ride.

Maybe you’re not a bicyclist but you’re passionate about the message. Why not help co-create the adventure (and your own) by helping network, or just sharing a hot cup of coffee and a warm conversation? If you’re a really ambitious community member why not plan a speaking engagement at your business, church or school, or organize a local bike ride in your town? Some quick ideas.

Thanks to everyone for helping to make our “impossible” dreams possible.


PS. I’m creating this as I go along, and I’ve literally risked everything I have, and teaching myself the same lessons, so if it’s any comfort to those who may be feeling too fearful to risk living the life they truly want to live—believe me!— we are all in the same boat.

Friends — Interactive map

Put yourself on the map and maybe I’ll ride by and say hello :)

Update: I’ve archived this interactive map. Unfortunately, someone deleted the actual route. Oh well. I was grateful for all the offers of places to stay and bites to ear. I set an overambitious goal, but I do wish I could have said hello to everyone.

Interactive map of Scotts bicycling book tour
A screenshot of an interactive map of Scott’s bicycling book tour. The waypoints are friends offering Scott a place to stay or a bite to eat. Unfortunately, someone deleted the actual route. Oh well.

Guidelines on how to contribute and edit this map

  • Click on the link above.
  • Login to your Google account
  • Click “Save to My Maps”
  • Click “Edit”
  • Add an icon and description to the map.
    • Place to stay
    • Special event
  • Photo: Did you meet Scott along the way? Upload your photos to the appropriate location.
  • Video: Did you meet Scott along the way? Upload your videos to the appropriate location.
  • Etc.
  • Please use an appropriate icon with different shapes and colors.

Schedule and route

When I calculate my mileage, I usually add 10% to maps to account for side trips and inaccuracies and those tiny bike wheels that seem to wiggle around a lot more than a car. And I add another 10% for ignorance and stupidity. This formula has proven to be very accurate.

The Pacific Coast
Santa Barbara, California to Vancouver, British Columbia)
1853 miles @ 4 days per week @ 50 miles per day = 200 miles per week = 9 weeks
Arriving approximately June 7.

Vancouver to Milwaukee
2460 = 12 weeks
Arriving approximately September 7.

Milwaukee to New York City (Not including a possible trip to Montreal and Toronto)
1059 = 10 weeks
Arriving approximately November 21.

Atlantic Coast (NYC to Florida)
2673 = 13 weeks
Arriving approximately March 1, 2009

Southern Tier (Florida to San Diego)
3666 = 18 weeks
Finishing approx. July 14, 2009

Not including a possible trip to Mexico to celebrate a successful book, or maybe even a bike trip in China as my last big adventure.

12,500 miles = 62 weeks.

Of course, this is just an estimate, and already I can see that winter arrives before I get far enough south on the East Coast. Promoting my book and filming my video changes my trusty formula. And if I don’t create a stream of revenue, I will have to enter my basic financial survival into the equation.

If you could do anything, what would you do? Re-imagine a journey around the world on a bicycle and re-discover the passion to live your impossible dream. Falling Uphill. Buy the book.
If you could do anything, what would you do? Re-imagine a journey around the world on a bicycle and re-discover the passion to live your impossible dream. Falling Uphill. Buy the book.

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