Falling Uphill book cover and Scott standing on the edge of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
A sign for Glacier Air tours Squamish, British Columbia
Glacier Air tours Squamish, British Columbia. Just like the logo suggests, we flew between the snow-capped mountains.

Learning how to fly

My latest interview as radio correspondent is from Puget Ocean in Washington and featuring a story about landing a plane during a simulated power failure. My instructor was a stunt pilot and gave me one golden rule: “Anything you do, I can fix. But please, don’t turn the plane upside down. It’s not designed for that.” I got to take, fly anywhere and land… or try to!

Our Cessna airplane and snowy mountains of Canada's Pacific Northwest
Our Cessna airplane waiting to fly through the beautiful snowy mountains of Canada’s Pacific Northwest
Scott's first flying lesson. Inside the cockpit.
Scott’s first flying lesson. Inside the cockpit getting familiar with the controls.
A cool blue glacier as seen from our airplane tour.
A cool blue glacier as seen from our airplane tour.

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More stories about the making of Falling Uphill

Falling Uphill by author Scott Stool. A Next Generation Indie Book Award winner for Memoir: Personal Struggle. 2018.

My Indie Book Award Arrived

My award arrived in the mail for the anniversary edition of Falling Uphill. Yay! You could call this my coming of age journey. The sequel is planned for 2037. I imagine I’ll have some interesting perspective as I do it all again. Well… maybe not the whole world via bicycle. Thank you Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Scott presenting hist story of bicycling around the world

Sharing my story in Argentina

As the Honorary Cultural Ambassador to Argentina, here I am sharing my story with an elementary school in Corrientes, Argentina, the same place I got stuck in the mud for 5 days.

El Che Guevara and the hammer and sickle tastefully painted on the back of a road sign in Argentina

Where are you from?

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, the Known Universe, and have called various places home.

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