Falling Uphill book cover and Scott standing on the edge of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
In the studio with Larry Meiller of Wisconsin Public Radio.
In the studio with Larry Meiller of Wisconsin Public Radio.

Wisconsin Public Radio Interviews #1 & 2

Wisconsin Public Radio logo
Wisconsin Public Radio logo

I had another great interview on WPR’s Larry Meiller program. We talked a little about my trip around the world on a bicycle, and a lot about working with Poplar Creek Elementary School to illustrate the new book Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life.

Part I

This is my favorite interview about my trip around the world on a bicycle.

Part II

Listen to an interview about my trip and how that led to inspiring children and the make-a-book project. Please note: Teacher Kate Krzysik’s interview is at the beginning of the show, and Associate Principal Larry Lueck’s interview is at minute 20:52.

Thanks to WPR for helping to sow the seeds of the school book project at many more schools.

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