Falling Uphill book cover and Scott standing on the edge of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Falling Uphill by author Scott Stool. A Next Generation Indie Book Award winner for Memoir: Personal Struggle. 2018.
Falling Uphill by Author Scott Stoll won the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Memoir: Personal Struggle. Now a rare award-winning AND best-selling independent book. Scott's story has been seen by millions across the globe.

My Indie Book Award Arrived

My award arrived in the mail for the anniversary edition of Falling Uphill. Yay! You could call this my coming of age journey. The sequel is planned for 2037. I imagine I’ll have some interesting perspective as I do it all again. Well… maybe not the whole world via bicycle. Thank you Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Next Generation Indie Book Award. Falling Uphill is a Finalist in MEMOIRS (Personal Struggle/Health Issues).
Next Generation Indie Book Award. Falling Uphill is a Finalist in MEMOIRS (Personal Struggle/Health Issues).

Perhaps the biggest awards are the hundreds of emails I received about how my story has changed other people’s lives. Babies were born (not mine), careers were started, soulmates were found, people faced their fears and overcame a lifetime of doubts, dozens of people traveled the world with my book in their backpack, even to the top of Mt Fuji, an 88-year-old woman decided it wasn’t too late to take a solo journey, hiking through Bhutan… and a lotta, lotta people rode a bicycle!

A little more about the award. I’m honored to be a finalist at the 2018 Indie Book Awards. Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers. What a big honor! I was a finalist in the Memoir Category, specifically for Personal Struggle/Health Issue. The personal struggle was, as stated in the subtitle of the book, One man’s quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle. The health issue was/is depression. At the time, I knew this was a problem, but I had no idea how pervasive it could be to change your whole world view. Nonetheless, it led me to really question the meaning of life and build a foundation on which to stand.

I think it is also important to talk about the nature of awards. I’ve researched this a lot and when most books say they are best-sellers, it means they gamed the system. I know, I worked in advertising. So, one way to do this is to flood the market, get your friends to buy the book and then take a snapshot of the one-day your book is on the best-seller list. Not so for Falling Uphill. It stood up for over a year. And, there is a similar story when it comes to winning awards. There are many awards that are basically given away to the highest bidder. But Indie Book Awards is the real thing — a truly genuine award! What a rare honor!

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