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Fruit hat Brazil street vendor
A street vendor sells fruit from her "fruit hat" popularized by Carmen Miranda.

Hobo Traveler in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio, an exotic mix of cultures from all over the world: people wanting to love, play, and enjoy the sun, and hoping for something strange to happen in their life. In Rio, you can find whatever you want.

hobo traveler Rio de Janeiro beach 2
Scenic views in every direction at the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

On the bus trip between Foz do Iguaçu, and Rio I saw the most wonderful green fields of corn, tobacco, and various types of crops. It reminded me of Georgia in the USA, But just when you think you’re in Georgia the bus would stop at these huge bus stops to feed us. Eat by the kilo, and pay by the kilo. It costs about 5 US dollars per kilo, or 2.5 dollars per pound, being that a Kilo is 2.2 pounds.

Arriving was easy. Across from the main bus stop, is a large very organized bus stop, that for 1 Real, or fifty USA cents, will take you anywhere in Rio. This is a good method to stay safe in cities and be cheap. But for this to work. There has to be a way to understand the bus system quickly. Rio is easy. However, the bus arrived late at about 8:00 in the night. Someone is wrong, the bus, or the guidebook, It should have been here at noon. No big deal, I have learned not to worry about time here. I had fun on the bus with two young girls, that called me their “papagayo” or “parrot” and helped me with my Portuguese. (They made me repeat words in Portuguese like a parrot) The general attitude of the Brazilian is good, very quick to laugh, and joke, so the bus was fun. I was lucky to be in the front, as the five guys from my last bus, seem to have followed me to this new bus. There always seems to be five guys traveling in the back, that drink beer, and talk really loud.

Brazil is modern with truck stops along 4 lane highways and a McDonald’s every 50 miles. As you pass cities you can see corporate-type buildings lining up along the main highways. So the factories have access to the highway. This is the only country where I have seen lots of factories in South America. Prosperity seems to be where there are trains and factories.

hobo traveler Rio de Janeiro beach
A day at the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro, Where everyone in the hostel parties till 5, sleeps until noon and seems to catch their airplane for home. The hostel is 10 USD per night. The most expensive I have paid, the same as Argentina. and Venezuela. Chile was a 5-dollar country. Brazil is normally about a 6 dollar a night country, for rooms. I am on one of the most famous beaches in the world. COPACABANA!

I am amazed at all the free stuff I get. Lots of the people here are ending their trip, and flying home. They either give away or leave everything. I am in a dorm room. I gotta a nice nylon sleeping bag, 4 large bottles of water, and all sorts of spices, There are sunglasses, toys, Frisbees, and everything you could ever want on the beach, Plus someone left some expensive swim shorts. I have my eye on them…hmmm…30 dollars. Surfer type. A hobo-type situation… we can receive a lot of small gifts here. The sleeping bag made my day. Very small, light, and my favorite color blue. I do not need a sleeping bag, but it would be great to have one. My six-dollar blanket from Mexico has worked great. But the sleeping bag would have been great on that ridiculous train between Uyuni, Bolivia, and Calama, Chile. VERY COLD. No heat.

So off to the beach. GREAT beach. GREAT sand, OK Water and GOOD scenery. Playa del Carmen, Mexico has a lot better scenery if you understand my drift. Someday I will talk about the difference between “scenery”, and “nature”. But I can say, this is one of the best beaches I have visited: the ocean, a boardwalk, soccer, and volleyball courts, calm waters to swim but NO lifeguards. This would be a little dangerous for children.

Rio is an ADULT beach. All the people on Copacabana Beach are adults. Sometimes very adult, or a little old, and look like they need to go in from the sun because they are well-done. There are a lot of people that come here to retire, they go to the beach to take their walk and sit under an umbrella. I am sure that they do not know how old they are because they are very young at heart.

I took a picture yesterday of the daily bridge game on the beach. I think they are playing bridge, but who knows? It looked like the United Nations assembly sitting around in bathing suits. Every race in the world seemed intent to win. A true melting pot of cultures.

From Uruguay to here, that is the most unique feature. The totally mixed collections of cultures, and races. In most places the practical reality of life, that black people do not need to go to the beach to get a tan wins, but here there are tons of beautiful black girls laying in the sun, Looking like their only goal in life is to get tan. No matter what your reason to go to the beach, This is one of the best places in the world to people watch, and listen to all the languages being spoken, I would recommend Rio once in your life. Great experience. Of course, I have and always will be a beach-type guy. I love the beach.

FUNNY, OR INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT RIO Very few Internet cafes. I go to the Israel Club where they have Internet access for 3 dollars USA, or 6 Reals. The more money the country has, the less Internet they have. Dogs on leashes. I have not seen this in 2 years I like them barking from the roof in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador Probably a great place to meet your sugar momma or sugar daddy. (A very rich older person, that supports a younger lover.) Brazil is great so far. All countries are great, just some places are better for me. But one man’s heaven is another man’s hell. I like Rio, but it is not heaven for me. But I know there are some more quiet beaches, where it could be heaven, so there is hope. I still am trying to understand this term. “Dental Floss Bathing Suit” I keep trying to understand…

Well, Life is good.

Thank you,
Andy the Hobo Traveler

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