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Free wheel chair mission
The Free Wheel Chair Mission transforms lives with the gift of mobility. And it's just as good, if not better, than a bicycle.

Cycling, Running, Walking & Talking For Mobility

An inspirational story

Months ago I ‘Discovered’ that I had a gift which would “Transform Lives with the Gift of Mobility.” That gift was cycling! After completing a 1000 mile bike trek for the faith-based, non-profit which gifts lightweight wheelchairs to those impoverished, disabled people crawling on the ground in the 84 countries we serve, My life has been transformed as a spokesperson and representative for those without hope. We have gifted 680,000 wheelchairs, and my part began on a bicycle and has continued in various mobility efforts and speaking to the masses in churches and groups. Riding my bike has been a blessing God has used to change lives by “REACHING DOWN AND LIFTING OTHERS UP” Which is the best exercise for the human heart.

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