Komodo snorkeling
Komodo snorkeling

My Reasons to Go Diving in Komodo Island

You’ve probably heard a lot about diving at Komodo Island. Everyone who’s been there talks highly about it and so, you want to visit and see it for yourself. Well, Komodo Island is recognized as one of the world’s best diving spots. Its aquatic features and scenery is a wonder to behold. There’s just so much you can enjoy from the small island, even without getting into the water. However, before diving, it’s best that you know what to expect from a dive in Komodo. So, in this article, I have listed the five things you should expect.

Strong Currents 

Komodo isn’t your typical diving spot. If you’ve interacted with enough people, you’ll learn that the area experiences some crazy waves from time to time. I tell you, the waves are quite strong! So, you need to brace yourself for this challenge before getting into the water. While moving with the tides can be fun and thrilling, there are times when the currents are too strong. You, therefore, need to have some diving experience if you are to handle these currents. As a beginner diver, you should consult your operator to get the shallow spots for diving.

Manta rays are amazing 

It doesn’t matter what your friends told you, or what you read online. The only way you’ll love these amazing creatures is if you experience them yourself. I get thrills every time. Diving at the manta point in Komodo, during the Manta season, will give you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Despite their large size, Manta rays are very friendly animals. They can circle above you if they determine you are friendly, and once in a while, you can catch them dancing! It’s such an adorable sight – One that you can’t afford to miss.

Komodo Diving
Komodo Diving

Amazing diving experience

You probably know that diving in Komodo is a ton of fun. What you don’t know is just how fun the experience can be. Expect to swim in the exquisitely clear waters of the ocean, and snorkel in the paradise you deserve. You’ll get to swim with thousands of fish, including the white whale sharks, tons of colored tropical corals and afterward, sunbathe in the white sand-packed beaches. Additionally, depending on your package, you can dive more than once at different dive spots around Komodo. This means you’ll get to exhaustively explore Komodo’s underwater world, and uncover all its magic.

Liveaboard is better than day trips

One of the biggest problems people have when traveling to Komodo is deciding whether to try the liveaboard or the day trips. So, they try both. However, when looking to dive, you’ll realize that the liveaboard offer is much better than the day trips even though it’s more expensive. This is because, with the liveaboard, you’re free to spend more time on diving spots, and you have the freedom to reschedule your itinerary. Day trips are usually fun, but diving is usually shorter, and so, you don’t get to explore as much as you would.

You can charter a boat!

If you have the means, why not charter a private boat and spend it with your friends or travel buddies? Chattering a boat is the best idea as you have complete control over your itinerary. You choose where you want to go, when to leave a dive spot, and even how long you want to dive. It’s also more luxurious compared to the liveaboard boats, and most times, they come with a personal captain. With this boat, you can easily explore all of the Komodo underwater sceneries, swim with most fish, and still have a comfortable place to rest.

Final thoughts

Komodo Island is a mysterious place, full of surprises at every turn. There’s so much in store for you at this magical island, that words can’t explain. You just have to be there. However, the one thing I am sure of is that you’ll be surprised. So, if you were wondering if a diving in Komodo is worth it, I guess you already have the answer!

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