Bicycle quotes. "Life is like riding a bicycle." Albert Einstein. As an example, in the background, we see Scott cycling to mount Everest Base Camp. And arrows pointing to the baggage, the goal, the path and the moment.
Share the Road. Same rights, same rules. Illinois license plate. Bicycle advocacy slogan.
Share the road. Same Rights, Same Rules. ~ Illinois bicycle license plate and advocacy slogan.

Bicycle Slogans

Below are some official tag lines and unofficial bicycle slogans for popular companies and events. Further below are some more bicycle advocacy slogans and sayings. Help spread the message and keep bicycling safe, fun and practical. Send us your bicycle advocacy slogans.

Business and Non-profits

We ARE Traffic! ~ .

Bikes ARE traffic. ~

Honk if you love bikes! ~ , San Francisco. This was also a great T-shirt. It puts the motorists into a damned if they honk, damned if they don’t honk trap.

Government must help to eliminate cars so that bicycles can help to eliminate government. ~ .

I dream on two wheels. ~ .

I’mpossible. ~

Less gas, more ass. ~ .

Scott Stoll Critical Mass San Francisco 2001
“Bikes ARE traffic.” This a picture of Critical Mass in San Francisco 2001. Our founder, Scott Stoll, is in here somewhere. Once a month we gathered to demonstrate cyclists have equal rights. It got a bit crazy at times, which was counterproductive to our message.

Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good. ~ , 2019.

One Less Car. ~ , NYC, 1981. Created by Richard Rosenthal. Editor’s Note: I actually spoke to Mr. Rosenthal about how his slogan gained so much popularity that everyone uses it now, but without proper credit.

Adventure is Out There. ~ , 2019.

The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.
The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation.
It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness.
It brings us together, yet allows us to escape.
And it takes us places we would never see any other way.


Bicycle Friendly America. ℠ ~ . This is a service mark which is similar to a slogan.

Think globally, cycle locally. ~ Many organization use this slogan now. The earliest reference I could find was in a 2008 bicycle forum in Greece. It is an obvious spin on, “Think globally, act locally.”

Bicycle Saftey Slogans

See our #1 Bicycle Quotes page for more fun.

Here are a few slogans and taglines related to keeping us safe on the bike.

Don’t be insane, cover your brain! ~ .

A helmet on your head will keep you away from a hospital bed!
The oldest source I could find for this was a vague reference that this was a sign in a factory. Now it is a common bicycle safety slogan.

Protect your head or end up dead.
Similar to the slogan above, this is another general safety slogan that was adopted for bicycling. It is hard to attribute any of these.

Anti-car slogans

These go hand-in-hand with bike slogans. There a lot of anti-car slogans and they are hard to veryify. Here is one example:

Mend your fuelish ways.
This appears to original been a sign at a protest rally. Source.

Bicycle Sayings, Expressions, Gnomes and memes.

A bicycling gnome
A “bicycle gnome” is another way of saying “bicycle slogan”.

A “gnome” is a pithy expression or saying that is generally true. In this case, these bicycle gnomes or bicycle slogans are like anonymous bicycle quotes that have infiltrated every-day culture in the form of social media postings, memes, T-shirts, slogans and more. If you know of who originated any of the following, please contact us so we can give them credit.

When in doubt, pedal it out.

If you had to choose between riding a bike every day or being filthy rich, would you choose on-road or off-road?

Inside every car is a cyclist waiting to be let out.. 2019. (I used to work in advertising; I could do this all day.)

Make friends, not exhaust. (Another variation on a theme.)

Less waste, less waist.

Support global cooling.

Burn carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons.

Burn fat, not oil.

Put something fun between your legs.

Cyclists have better legs.

A bike can’t stand being alone because it is two tired.

Education is important, but riding a bicycle is importanter.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire — you can’t go anywhere until you fix it.

“I have too many bicycles,” said no cyclist ever.

Bicycling: Side effects may include sweating and euphoria.

Keep calm and bicycle on. A variation of the motivational poster by the British government during World War 2.

A police officer came to my house and said: “Your dog chased someone on a bicycle.” I said: “That’s impossible, officer. My dog can’t even ride a bicycle.”

It’s better to be riding a bicycle and thinking about God, than sitting in church and thinking about bicycling.

Our chains set us free.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

Half the wheels, twice the fun!

That’s it for now. I’m sure with the invention of social media, you are as sick of recycled memes as I am.

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