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Venice Canal Historic District, Italy.
Venice Canal Historic District, Italy. Courtesy of Pixabay.

A Checklist of What to Do Before Your European Tour

Europe is a large continent with many different countries and cultures to explore and experience. This is what makes it a very enticing travel destination for many vacationers. However, before you jump on a plane, it is important to ensure you are prepared with a checklist of your essentials. Here are the basics.


When you are going over the things you need to prepare, pack, and plan for your European trip or vacation tour, one of the first few important things you need to have prepared are your tickets. Preparing to purchase your tickets ahead of time will allow you to monitor prices and find deals for the places you want to visit. This will also provide you time to pack and plan in advance, ensuring that you aren’t caught off guard or rushing last minute. On the day of your departure, ensure that you have your tickets and documents ready so that you kick off your trip smoothly.

Woman traveler at airport
A traveler looking at the flight information.

Passports And Visas

Along with your tickets, you want to ensure that you are prepared with the right documentation for any trip. This includes, of course, your passports and potentially require visas for entry to certain countries. A Schengen visa is required for traveling through certain European countries in addition to your passport. If you are asking, “Who Can Apply for a Schengen Visa?” the answer is any non-European tourists traveling through Schengen areas for business or pleasure for up to 90 days. Stays, including work or study that exceed that time frame, will have to apply for a national visa. It is important that visitors do their research prior to visiting a country in order to ensure that they are not met with any issues upon landing and entering the country.

Agenda or Itinerary

Adventure can be experienced on a whim or through spontaneous decision-making. If, however, you are someone who doesn’t handle sudden changes and unexpected situations, you should absolutely be taking the time prior to your trip to plan your adventure out. Having an itinerary of your activities will allow those travelers who feel most comfortable when things are planned out to have a more relaxing and stress-free trip. How strict or loose you make your itinerary is up to you and your traveling party, but at best, it is good to have a few things thought out, such as housing, food, and money.

Luggage And Bags

Depending on your trip, you want to have the right bags and luggage. If you know that you will be traveling or backpacking, and walking quite a bit, carrying your belongings with you most of the time, you might have to consider packing light and mobile. If you have a place to set your things down at a hotel, you can pack a little heavier. It all depends on your type of vacation, the length of your trip, and how you want to travel. It is important that you consider all this as your luggage and bags can impact your trip more than you know.

Once you have the basics covered for your journey, you can further plan more details of the trip or go with the flow. It is up to you how you choose to experience Europe, but there are always ways to prepare, even for the unexpected.

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