Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.
Screenshot of the classroom and Scott in his office.
Scott visiting with a class via Zoom. He did a short slideshow and left plenty of time for everyone to ask a question. Behind the kids are drawings answering the prompt "If you could do anything, what would you do?" Picture with permission.

Virtual Visits

And motivational talks 

Scott Stoll is available for motivational talks both in-person and virtually, and/or to help lead a Dream Workshop or Make-A-Book Project. If you are interested in working with Scott, please contact us to help plan what works best for your group. A great place to start is to download the Promotional Flier (PDF) and distribute this to your decision-makers. Thanks.

To learn more, please visit:

  • Motivational talks
  • Classroom resources for Scott’s trip around the world and children’s books. This is a great resource to prep kids before Scott’s talk and to answer some of the most common questions. And, it has a lot of follow-up exercises designed to motivate kids to begin living their own amazing life.
  • Dreamaplay. Our website is dedicated to parents, teachers and kids.


Vamos Chicas Paraguay Peace Corps-12
Vamos Chicas, a young girls club in Paraguay, helped by Peace Corps volunteers, pose with their flag, books and a sign that says, “Gracias.”

Cultural Ambassador to Argentina

While traveling during a time of war, I always thought of myself as the bicycling ambassador, and now I’ve been honored by the US Embassy in Argentina as their Cultural Ambassador. I worked with the embassy’s Outreach Program and Argentine school children to produce the Spanish edition of my children’s book, Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life, which is especially exciting since Buenos Aires was chosen as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) 2011 World Book Capital.

Read more about my adventures as Cultural Ambassador.

Inspiring dreams in Paraguay

Vamos Chicas Paraguay Peace Corp-12
The Peace Corps girls club in Paraguay, Vamos Chicas, talking to the author Scott Stoll on Skype.

As you may know, the Spanish edition of my “Falling Uphill” kids’ book “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” that we created in Argentina as the Cultural Ambassador is being used by the Peace Corps in Paraguay to help teach kids how to read, write and dream.

Above the kids display their books, pictures of their dreams, a thank-you sign, and the Paraguay Flag. Below, the kids speak with the author (me) about their dreams. They especially loved meeting Oliver, my green cheeks conure that was sitting on my shoulder. He comes from South America too. The Peace Corps program director, Molly wrote: “Vamos Chicas Vamos skyping with Scott Stoll about his book. Even though the whole thing was translated and they were all too scared to talk they still cited that moment as one of their favorites of the whole club!”

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Inspiring dreams in Kenya

Kenyan school children jump for joy when they got their Falling Uphill books.
Kenyan school children jump for joy when they got their Falling Uphill books.

Finally, it took two months for my package of books to arrive in Kenya. I marked the package “educational material for children,” and luckily no one stole it as often happens. I love how the photo captures them jumping in the air, just like they are falling uphill. I hope the books encourage the kids to dream and take steps of action to make those dreams real. They said, “Asante sana.” Which is, “Thank you very much!” in Swahili; but really, in the distant future, the stories that I’ll hear about the amazing things have done will be my reward.

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Consider buying a book for a child in need

Pay It Forward. A heart is shared from one person to the next until it goes all the way around the world.
Pay A Book Forward. A heart is shared from one person to the next until it goes all the way around the world.

I’ve been donating my time to schools and children in need for over a decade. I’ve donated several thousands of books to teachers. Unfortunately, I have more goodwill than money. So — Please! — help me! Buy a book signed by the author (me) for a child who otherwise couldn’t have one. This book will be donated on your behalf. Or, you can purchase signed books and donate them yourself.

I have several books to choose from. My favorite is the true story of my trip around the world on a bicycle. You can actually read the English version of Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life free online, but that doesn’t compare to giving the kids their own paper book and pencil, eraser and paper to draw their own dream.