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Health and Safety

We believe the number one priority in life is health and safety. Here are some tips, advice and resource for how to stay healthy, safe and happy.

Weather and climate: two slightly different things that are the second most important factor when planning your travels.
The world is open to all the adventures you could hope for. The other facet of this is that there is a world of safety possibilities that need to be considered. These are developing and changing every year.
Health: The Most Important Factor While Traveling. What happens if you get sick or injured?
Welcome to our travel resource section! These are handpicked online resources that we've have found extraordinarily helpful to plan journeys of any kind.
It's been about 16 years since we first featured Andy's adventures. We've been long overdue for an update. So we checked in with Andy and asked him how the last 19 years of constant travel have influenced his worldview on being American
Nothing will put the brakes on a trip like getting sick or injured. Travel tips on staying healthy, being prepared and curing the common traveler's woes.
This recent guest post arrived just days ahead of a news story about Lance Armstrong full of controversy, upset and -- maybe -- inspiration.
Here are my favorite travel tips and tricks that I learned the hard way and wish I had known sooner.
This list is the result of a lot of hard-earned lessons from life on the road.
Above is a picture of the inside of my knee. Almost two years ago I was knocked off my bicycle by a reckless motorist who ran a stop sign. As you can see the cartilage was torn and frayed and I had to have the loose pieces removed. It almost ended my dreams of riding my bicycle around the world.
The worst thing about traveling is worrying about getting robbed. Andy gives us some tips on relieving the worry.