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June 11, 2016

The short answer is: you can ride any bike. I rode a mountain bike. Practically speaking, you'll want a touring bicycle. More about how to choose a touring bike below.
Here is my ever-changing, ever-incomplete and subjective and very biased top-10 list of the best and worst the world has to offer from the seat of a bicycle.
How does one define bicycling around the world? Well, you wouldn't get very far trying to bicycle around the equator since it is mostly water. However, you could try lugging your bicycle to the North or South Pole, once there you could finish the trip in minutes. Or...
Money: The third most important factor to travel. How budget for your travels using the example of cycling the world.
Health: The Most Important Factor While Traveling. What happens if you get sick or injured?
FAQ's, tips and tricks to help you plan your bicycle ride around the world.
Below are some of my favorite pictures of my trip, featured in newspapers all over the world. I took over 4000 photographs, most of them using a 35mm film Canon Rebel, sending the rolls of film home one-by-one in the mail.
Here is my before and after picture after riding my bicycle around the world. I like to think that the change on the inside is even more dramatic.