Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.
Blue Bicycle Design logo short
A logo design from back when Scott was calling his freelance business "Blue Bicycle Design". My favorite color and my favorite thing combined. Of course, now, I think using my name is the way to go.


Copywriting, Graphic Design, Illustration and Production

Welcome. If you found this page, then you already know I’m interested in a job. I love working in graphic design/advertising and collaborating with talented people to create things never seen before. And even though I’ve worked primarily as a creative brainstormer, I also like to put my head down and just do art production. It lets those creative juices recover. And, as you can tell, I use the profits to help fund my adventures and work with schools. So, it is a win-win.

How to turn dreams into reality: Dream It! Map It! Play It!


Below are a few portfolio samples grouped by category. Of course, this website itself is a big piece of my portfolio. Take a look around. I’ve pretty much had to do everything, including marketing. I also recommend you visit my other website to see even more.

And, if you want to dig deep, I have written some articles about how I make stuff, including one of my favorite types of projects: bicycle logo design and advertising.

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Print, Advertising, Production, Photography

Scott Stoll Portfolio Advertising

Branding, Logo Design

Scott Stoll Portfolio Branding logo design

Book Design, Illustration

Scott Stoll Portfolio Book design and illustration

Web Design, Information Design

Scott Stoll Portfolio Web design

Are you interested in working together?

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you.