Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.
Blue Bicycle Design logo
A logo design from back when Scott was calling his freelance business "Blue Bicycle Design". My favorite color and my favorite thing combined. This design evolved over the years. Now, I think using my name is the way to go as pictured above. And, below, you can see how this evolved into an icon with the bicycle on the bottom of the world.

Bicycle Logo Design

Graphic Design, Illustration and Production

A bicycle on top of the world. Well, relatively speaking if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. This is Scott Stoll's variation of a Japanese hanko seal that artists use to stamp their art.
Scott’s logo. A bicycle on top of the world. Well, relatively speaking if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. This is Scott Stoll’s variation of a Japanese Hanko seal that artists use to stamp their art.

Scott funded most of his adventures, this website and a lot of school projects with the profits from years of working in the advertising business. Scott worked as either a senior graphic designer or art director in some of the best advertising agencies in the country, including TBWA\Chiat\Day when they won the prestigious Ad Agency of the Year Award. Not only did he design dozens of bicycle logos, but he also designed thousands and thousands of ads, posters, billboards, websites and much more.

Scott loves to do graphic design for anything related to bicycles, travel and adventure, especially logos. Who better to design your logo than someone who loves bicycles? Please browse this small sample, and if you like what you see and want to hire Scott, we guarantee your satisfaction. Besides, all profits help fund more adventures, web maintenance and school donations. So, hurry. Call now. Supplies are limited. (Just kidding.)

Below is a small sample of Scott’s bicycle logos as well as related adventure, fitness and travel logos. My graphic design website is no longer available because it is hopelessly out of date, and I get most of my clients by referral; however, you can still see some of my best work here: this award-winning website, my new website for kids, and all my books.

Don’t miss the bicycle ad that got me fired below.

Bicycle Logo Design

Falling Uphill children's edition read it free online
Falling Uphill children’s edition. Read it free online.

I tried to adapt my bicycle theme to a website about graphic design business. For years, I kept them separate. Then I tried merging them together, similar to how you see it now. But, I admit, neither way was very successful. I probably should have just branded my design business with my name, like

In the header of this webpage are two more related logos: the main logo The Argonauts a travel-adventure website that was built around my trip around the world, but was expanded to include everyone’s journey. There exist about a dozen variations of this logo for different purposes. And next to that is a logo that represents bicycle touring and bicycling around the world. I turned this logo upside down because when traveling the world I realized everything was relative.

And you can see the Falling Uphill logo and book design. Falling Uphill became the metaphor for my trip around the world on a bicycle seeking happiness. You probably know that by now, but did you also know that I was the graphic designer, illustrator and production artist? Oh and the author, too. Yikes. But I had a lot of help!

Women’s bicycle racing team

Team Nissan bicycle logo
Nissan sponsored a women’s bicycle racing team.

Truck decal, sign and logo design

Wheel Peddler logo
Wheel Peddler. A mobile bicycle store and repair shop.

SUCCESS STORY: My client requested: “I want a logo that people can see from across a parking lot, and say, ‘Oh, there’s Jim.'” So, I designed a “simple” looking logo that can be placed on all kinds of media and is attractive and legible from business card to billboard size, especially on the side of his mobile bicycle store and repair shop. It’s also designed so that the colors of the different elements can be changed easily to attract more attention depending on where the logo is printed.

Bicycle store logo design

Bicycle Source logo

SUCCESS STORY: We spun the creative wheels for several rounds and returned to the client’s original idea, which gave them the confidence that it really was a good idea. This logo was adapted for everything you can imagine: store signs, T-shirts, water bottles, stickers, business cards, etc.

Electric scooter and bike rentals

Extreme Green Machines logo
Extreme Green Machines logo. Electric scooter and bicycle rentals for tourists in San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.

Logo and T-shirt design

Pedal Chick bicycle logo

SUCCESS STORY: My client, Pedal Chick, gave me a lot of creative freedom, and some great ideas, and this synergy generated a storm of creativity. These concepts will make great logos, T-shirts, ads and posters, which will create great marketing and brand awareness.

You've been chicked penny farthing logo
“You’ve been chicked!” A chick riding a penny-farthing bicycle for both an alternative logo and T-shirt design

Logo design for cycling apparel

Big Dude Cycling logo

SUCCESS STORY: Bicycling is near and dear to my heart, and I think it shows in my artwork. My client knew what he wanted but gave me a lot of creative freedom, which resulted in a logo that resembles a Chinese character and would make a great tattoo.

Big Dude Cycling logo bike chain

The success of the original Big Dude Cycling logo spawned one of the most bizarre illustrations I’ve ever done. Click on the Chain Dude logo. This one deserves to be seen full size. A successful logo can survive many variations.

Similar fitness and travel logos

Personal trainer logos

Bianchi Fitness logo
Bianchi Fitness logo
Sports Performance logo

SUCCESS STORY: A simple but very effective logo. That’s not to say we didn’t go through several dozen variations to get to this solution. We both liked how the athlete is leaping off the platform of performance. These kinds of visual cues make a logo interesting, meaningful and memorable.

Update: This client went on to train the Club de Fútbol América, a Mexican football league, to the championship.

An all-time favorite travel logo

Aspect Discovery Tours logo
English language school and travel logo.

Hiking T-shirt

iHike T shirt design

A closely related passion to biking is hiking. I designed a series of hiking T-shirts. Here is one of my favorites. I designed it way back in 2005, back when the first iMac computer was becoming popular and LONG before the iPhone. Many ideas in advertising and entertainment are spoofs, meaning they re-imagine, re-popularize or piggyback an idea or fad that is already in the mainstream consciousness. Since the shirt has been designed, I believe it was plagiarized (one of the shirts was, I wasn’t told which one) and my client sued. It seems they lost because now this shirt is quite popular and I’ve even seen it on bumper stickers. Oh, if only I had a nickel every time someone…

A few bicycle-related charity projects

A bicycle advocacy newspaper ad

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition ad
FREE The Environment! A San Francisco Bicycle Coalition ad for the Guardian Newspaper.

Here is an ad that I feel very strongly about as you can tell from my body copy below and the headline which has a double entendre. This ran in the San Francisco Guardian. It uses a photograph of downtown SF from my old apartment and I increased the contrast of the fog to make it look like pollution. And if you look closely, you can see the old-fashioned halftone screen of the newspaper.

Body copy: FREE the environment! The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s goal is to empower bicyclists to make a difference in our community: to make the city bicycle-friendly and the air easier to breathe, add more bike lanes and improve transit access, reduce car speeds, combat global warming and cement-rification, save the redwoods, end racism, feed the hungry, and promote peace, love and happiness. So you decide: do you want to make a difference or do you want to just sit there? Join now, create positive karma for all your bicycling reincarnations. (Oh yeah, members get a 10% discount on supplies at area stores.) 415-431-BIKE or visit

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition banner ad
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition banner ad. Scott designed way back in the 90s.

I also did a series of web banner ads. It’s a little generic, but those were the days of dial-up phone modems. This illustration is of the SFBC’s famous Critical Mass Ride.

Bike MS poster

Here is a poster and ad that I designed for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. It was done traditionally, which means no computers. I directed the photographer, typographer, film stripper and printer to compose this work. I also shortened the copywriter’s two sentences into a few words. This poster won both a local finalist award and a citation in the Midwest Regional ADDY competition.

Coincidence or Not? I created this in 1994, just a few years before I realized that the cure to my own life was in my garage. And, years later, I attended several Best Dam Bike Tour events and sold copies of Falling Uphill and donated the profits back to the MS Society.

MS best dam bike tour poster

Bicycle advertising campaign

Full-page, 4-color newspaper ad

This ad helped launch both my career in advertising and my bicycle ride around the world. The advertisement that got me fired and “ruined” my life. The short version of this story is that this ad actually got me a much better job which paid for my trip around the world.

Bike USA ad, full-page, 4-color newspaper ad. This is the ad that got Scott fired from his job as art director.

More articles in this series:

The following blurb is the call to action. Every ad has one.

Scott is still available for graphic design, information design, web design, branding and illustration. Profits support this website and our work with schools, not to mention Scott himself. Please contact Scott to discuss your project.

Scott standing next to a giant mouse and hunk of cheese. He used his graphic design skills to change the sign to read: Graphic designer. Made in Wisconsin." And on the other side it says, "If pictures are worth a 1000 words, how much are ideas worth?"
Having some fun and promoting my graphic design skills with a road sign welcoming drivers to Wisconsin.

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