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Is travel by train worthwhile in the USA?

The classic idea of traveling the U.S. has always been a dream of many people. Seeing the vast landscapes, the diverse cities, the numerous cultures, and experiencing everything the country has to offer holds a lot of unique opportunities.

Traveling the country is often considered to be a road trip affair, and while train travel isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, it can allow for a different kind of enjoyment out of seeing the vast spaces and places of the continental US. Here are some ways that train travel can be worth it.

1. Can Be Cost-Effective

Traveling by train has a lot of popular draws because it can be more cost-effective depending on how you use it to travel. Taking a plane can be expensive, even for short trips, and gas costs for driving can also be really costly. If you want to travel from Washington DC to Boston by train, you can do so in a cheap and fun way. These short destinations might not seem expensive, but being able to go from city to city in this manner could be economically smart.

2. See Hard to Reach Views

Traveling by plane is fun because you can see a bird’s eye view of the country or state, while driving allows you a more intimate look at the landscapes. The problem with both of these is that you are limited by the places you can access. With a train, you can get access to views and landscapes that are hard or nigh impossible to reach unless you walk the trails yourself. Train travel gives you the freedom to see places you wouldn’t normally get to.

3. Quick Method of Travel

Trains are fast, which is a good reason to use them especially when you want to see as much as possible. If you ever want to zoom from place to place in classic style, it is another reason to travel by train. You can cut travel time down a lot just by using a train, especially for medium-length trips.

Train racing past the platform in a blur
Travelers can even find adventures by train in urban areas.

4. No Worry About Harming Your Car

Traveling across the country, or even across a state can cost a lot to your car’s long-term health. The constant wear and tear of cross-country traveling can beat it down, which can end up costing hundreds in repairs. Traveling by train removes the worry of having to damage your car on a long drive.

5. Travel in Comfort

Driving yourself can be uncomfortable because you don’t have time to stretch your legs out or do as you please, and planes can be quite uncomfortable and restricting. Trains offer a lot of worth in the fact that you can travel well in them, walk around, and enjoy the food and features. It could be worth it if you want to adventure but enjoy comfort equally.

When you think of traveling throughout the US, no matter how close or far, you usually don’t think of the train as an option. Now that you see some of the possible benefits, you can make up your mind whether you think it’s worth it or not.

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