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Hand signed letter from congress Congressman Sensenbrenner
A hand-signed letter from a member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin.

Hand-signed letter from congress

Today I received a hand-signed letter from Congressman Sensenbrenner: “I’m proud to have a constituent who dedicated 4 years of his life to cycling the world. You have a wonderful story to share with the world. And I am pleased that you continue to advocate on behalf of an issue you care deeply about.” I am honored that he took the time to do this. And I’m proud that our representatives are taking our concerns seriously.

It won’t surprise anyone that I believe bicycle infrastructure is vitally important to our nation’s commerce, health and environment. I also believe that bicycle tourism is especially important to Wisconsin. We have the number one grossing economy for the bicycle industry, and an incredibly beautiful and diverse state full of trails and campgrounds. It is a top destination for cross-country cyclists because they can travel from Milwaukee to Minneapolis 90% of the way on world-class trails, like the Elroy-Sparta and Glacial Drumlin. And it is an under-appreciated fact that bicycle tourists spend more money on food than an automobile driver spends on gas. Now that’s a good value for everyone!

See a video of my Wisconsin bicycle tour.

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