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A gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy.
A gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy.
A gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy.
A gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy.

Explore Venice the City of Water

The Digital Nomad Part 2

I’m Jacob Laukaitis, a 21–year-old digital nomad who’s already been to more than 35 countries in the last almost 3 years. I enjoy making travel videos and sharing them with the world. Here’s my newest one from my trip to Venice.

Before coming to Venice, I’ve heard varied opinions about the city, some of which were not that exciting. Upon seeing the city I decided to make an interactive video so that people could see how beautiful the city really was. An interactive video is where you can choose where I’ll be going next and thus feel as if you’re controlling me. In this video, we’ve only got 2 available choices, but they still help the viewer see more of Venice. They can choose to either continue walking (which will be a similar video to the first one) or take a Gondola tour and see what Venice looks like from the water!

With this video, I wanted to help people explore Venice from the comfort of their homes. So at the end of the video, I ask them to choose what they want to do next – to continue walking or to take a gondola tour. In both of those cases, they start watching a new video and thus see more of Venice. The Continue Walking video is relatively similar to the first one, just a bit shorter. The gondola tour video is completely new (including its music) and you’ll see how Venice looks like from a gondola. It’s marvelous!

For this particular video, I was filming for 3 days with a camera-man and then it took us about a week to edit. Since it was the first video of this kind that I made, it took me a little bit more time than it will in the future.

The thing I liked most about Venice is its narrow lanes and canals, its wonderful small buildings and the feeling that I was living in a medieval town. Since this was my 2nd time in Venice (the first one was when I was still a kid) and even though I re-experienced everything, I couldn’t say anything surprised me too much. But the atmosphere of the city is something to be experienced!

You can see that I’m pretty excited while walking around Venice. I simply love exploring new places. It seems like every time I visit a new country or a new city, I get this overwhelming sense of joy and happiness which I can’t contain. The environment affects my feelings in a big way – it inspires me to see and do more.

If you’d like to see more of my travels, I post 2 videos a month. I am really thankful for for their contribution to this trip. You can follow me on my personal website or on my Instagram where I post the best moments from my trips.

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