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A bicycle rack in the shape of a giant comb
Comb-shaped artistic bicycle rack. Indianapolis, Indiana. It's appropriately placed outside the hair salon in Indianapolis, IN.

Artistic Bicycle Racks

I love how Alterra Coffee shops give bicycles priority parking spaces. In spring, they install bicycle racks in their loading zone, blossoming like spring flowers. In the winter, they remove the bicycle coral because of the snowplows. We’re one more step towards my dream of being able to safely and conveniently ride a bicycle anywhere.

Bike parking space Alterra coffee
Bike parking space in front of Alterra coffee. Not only do you get a bike rack, you get an entire parking spot as if you were a car. But bike parking is only available in the summer; in the winter, the snowplows get the right of way.

Below are two more bicycle racks that I discovered in my wanderings. The first is a new coffee shop in Bay View, Wisconsin, which is not only beautiful but a great way to save space. The other comb-shaped rack I found in Indianapolis. More about my attempts to help install artistic bicycle racks in Waukesha.

Artistic bicycle rack on the wall of a coffee shop
Artistic bicycle rack on the wall of a restaurant in Bay View, Wisconsin

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