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Map of the 159 best bicycle touring destinations in the world.
Map of the 159 best bicycle touring destinations in the world.

159 bicycle touring destinations you must see

Editor’s Note: Here’s another great infographic with over 50 original drawings of bicycle tourists. And, I’m one of them. And—Yes!—it looks like me. Scroll down to S for Scott and find my favorite 3 places to cycle tour in the world. All the other bicycle tourists contributed a lot of great suggestions that I’ll have to add to my bucket list of places to cycle. (I need a bigger bucket.) Thanks again to Mads for all the hard work that goes into collecting this information and making it look pretty. If you like this, see Mads’ other Bicycle Touring Infographic that shows 121 examples of trips that other bicyclists took.

Long-distance Cycling is becoming more and more popular, so we have gathered some of the most interesting cyclists from around the world and asked them about their favorite destinations.

Here they share their 159 best places to go on a bicycle trip. These are some great ideas, whether you are cycling around the world or just dreaming about going on a bike journey.

List of the 159 best bicycle touring destinations in the world
List of the 159 best bicycle touring destinations in the world.

To see another infographic by Mads visit Bicycle Touring Expert Comparison.


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