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Erik Welke

Erik Welke

Columnist. According to Erik, he has been an intrepid adventure traveler since the age of 5, when he climbed onto his sister’s bicycle, left his family home in Palo Alto without telling a soul and promptly became lost. Now, at age 33, he is constantly exploring the world, except during the 48 weeks per year when he works 8 to 5 as an analyst of sorts for a global investment firm. Not yet possessing the nerve to drop his material world accoutrements, Erik is content to slowly-but-steadily work down his “List of Places I Must Go”. He gets shivers just thinking about Southeast Asia and plans to return soon, this time to Indonesia. Erik currently lives with his wife and daughter in San Francisco.
Pyramid of Kukulcan
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Yucatán Peninsula Pictorial

The Yucatán Peninsula is more than a vacation destination. Discover the remains of one of the greatest cultures on Earth — the Mayans. It is a land rich in culture and interest and pyramids that rival Egypt.

Seated Buddha.
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Thai Photo Pictorial

Editor’s Note: These photographs may look old-fashioned now, but when we first started posting photos most images were scanned in from film negatives, which has a very different color gamut than digital, and the resolution on the internet was very poor. Images needed to be only a few kilobytes so that you could download them

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