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Global Oxygen Depletion​

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Are humans consuming oxygen faster than it can be replaced?

We are all aware of our reliance on fossil fuels and their byproducts of greenhouse gases and poisons, like carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). But have you ever wondered about the other half of the equation? Where does the oxygen come from that is used to burn the fuel? Where does the oxygen go? And, is it possible to run out of air to breathe?

I recommend reading Introduction to global oxygen depletion, then you can dig deep into the issues below.

By the way, this has been a hobby of mine for a long time. I got tired of sucking exhaust while riding a bike, and it got me thinking. I put over a decade of research (thousands of hours) into this series.

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As mankind burns more and more fuel, we are also burning more and more oxygen. Simultaneously, the Earth's ecosystem is being destroyed. At what point does the Earth reach a tipping point? And, how long before we run out of air to breathe?
Have you ever wondered how much breathable air is on Earth, and if we'll ever run out? Our atmosphere is paper-thin relative to a basketball, and we use its oxygen to power internal combustion engines, create electricity, and manufacture products (cement, chemicals, plastic). Worse, we are destroying the plants that make more breathable oxygen.

More articles about global oxygen depletion

The articles above give you the basics about oxygen depletion. The articles below dive deeper into the individual issues of where our oxygen comes from and where it goes. 

This article is more for scientists and field researchers. A practical step forward in determining global oxygen depletion rates. A conclusion to decades of research.
I calculate how much oxygen a tree breathes and how much excess oxygen a tree produces in three different ways. Spoiler alert: It's not a lot.
Ten reasons why we might be measuring oxygen in the atmosphere wrong. And how global oxygen depletion may be a hidden driver of climate change.
I demonstrate how to calculate the mass of oxygen in the atmosphere. And I talk about ten reasons why the accepted values may be wrong.
What if the driver of climate change is NOT carbon dioxide but oxygen depletion? See the math to compare CO2 emissions to oxygen burned.
There are many ways oxygen is burned/consumed/oxidized. It is a very reactive element. We highlight the major natural causes, like: respiration, decomposition, forest fires, rust and more.
This graph illustrates the exponential growth of the human race and the consumption of non-renewable resources. The question isn't if the population will stop growing/consuming, but when?
We are all aware of our reliance on fossil fuels and their byproduct of greenhouse gases and poisons. But have you ever wondered about the oxygen needed to burn the fuel?

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