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  • Bucket List Notepad and pen

    Bucket List Notepad


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    You will never run out of room to dream with this inspirational Bucket List Notepad. Pin it to your Dream Board as a reminder or give a few sheets to a friend.

    This colorful notepad is a fun size, which makes it easy to complete your Bucket List. You can pin your Bucket List on your Dream Board, hang it on the refrigerator, stick it to the bathroom mirror. You can even use it as a to-do list, because those are mini-dreams, too. For example, instead of writing down “Exercise,” you could write, “Go for a walk and find 10 new things in my neighborhood.” Or, what if your dream is to make a lovely dinner for your family? Now, you also have the mini dreams — the steps of action — to find a recipe, buy the ingredients, set the table and light some candles.

    And, maybe the best reason of all, why not inspire a friend to dream and give them a page to complete!?

    This colorful notepad is 4 x 5.5 inches and has 50 pages.

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