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Rachel Hugens

Rachel Hugens

The Dutchman I met in Africa is my husband, Patrick. We married in Missoula, Montana, July 1995 and settled in Boise Idaho. Our honeymoon was a two-wheeled one through Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Cycling is a big part of who we are, having three times now quitting our jobs to cycle tour, yet we like our home in Boise just as much. After 21 years of being married on the 3 tours we've done, we've cycled together in 52 countries. Each time that we have ended a trip, we were left with wanting to do more. But we feel that the adventures you can have in your own backyard are just as important.
Rachel and Patrick's first day on the bikes
Guest Adventures

Another one for the Bikes

After hunkering down for a year during the pandemic, at 71-years-old, Rachel begins her fourth bicycle tour with partner Patrick.

Rachel Hugens and Patrick standing on Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The highest point in Africa. 5895 meters.
Guest Adventures

A new way of seeing

Rachel Hugens, world traveler by bicycle, shares the biggest lesson she learned after 25 years on and off the road. Avid traveler or armchair traveler, this will change your life, too!

Rachel Hugens and Patrick on the equator in Africa. Before and After. 1994 to 2015.
Guest Adventures

Dreaming of Doing the Absurd

And 3 strategies to achieve the impossible Editor’s Note: I’ve been following Rachel’s adventures for a while, and I can say I’ve been jealous and inspired more than once, especially with her recent bike ride across Mongolia. We’re honored to have her as a guest, and she reminds us that despite the obstacles that “the

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