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How I make stuff

I’m not sure if I’m more of an adventurer at heart or more of an artist/author. But one thing is for sure, the adventure needs to come first. Adventure is my muse; my art is how I tell my story; and, my stories are meant to inspire, entertain and educate others. I truly wantto make a contribute and help raise humanity to new levels of amazingness.

Those are lofty ideals. Too lofty, probably. Anyway, here are some Articles about how I concept ideas, draw pictures and — most importantly — test my ideas in the real world to make sure they work!

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The Dream Team wearing the 3 hats of turning dreams into reality: dream it, map it, play it.

How to make children's books

We moved all our stories about making children’s books, including our ground-breaking research, to our new website. Please visit How We Make Stuff on Dreamaplay

generic logo template

How to make a free logo!

With these new computer programs and logo templates, just substitute the words, icon, colors and font and — PRESTO! — instant logo. Or, why you still need a graphic designer.

Fat cat motorsports final full-color logo. How is a logo made. The final step.

How is a logo made?

How is a logo made? See the step by step creation of this logo as an example of how the creative process works.

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