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Choose Your Own Adventure books from Scott's library
I absolutely love the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I've owned these for 35 years. When I was a kid, I would anxiously await the day the newest book arrived in a library. Perhaps, I owe my adventurous spirit to these books encouraging me to choose my own destiny.

Help choose the next big adventure

Help me decide where to go next

Help Scott plan his next big adventure. What could possibly be better than riding a bicycle around the world?

One of my life goals is to be able to sit back and admire my adventures like books on a shelf. To me — I know this sounds horribly cliché — they are like children to me. Each one starts as an idea and is born the day that I take my first step. If I’m lucky they grow up to be a literal book on the shelf.

This post is both a warehouse of ideas and a survey of friends and fans. If you have any good ideas, please leave a comment below.

The dream beyond the dream

I coined a phrase that gives me hope: The dream beyond the dream. You could say it is a mantra. I set dreams out like a carrot in front of a donkey. It keeps me feeling hopeful and motivated. No doubt, I will fail at many, but, in retrospect, I’m proud of some of my “failures” too.

I’ve been really wanting to get back to my roots and write another travel memoir. Of course, riding a bike around the world was a great adventure, but writing the book is what put the trip into perspective and helped me learn how I was growing as a person.

Help choose the next adventure

  • In terms of classical adventures, I’m thinking of getting out on a bicycle as soon as possible. The most obvious choice is to ride the Ohio to Erie Trail this summer or next.
  • Another bicycle tour that I’ve always wanted to do is from Anchorage, Alaska to Vancouver, Canada. This would connect some dots on my world travel map.
  • Another adventure I keep thinking about is kayaking the length of the Mississippi River or maybe the Ohio River. It might be nice to get off the bicycle.
  • And, why not try an adventure like Henry David Thoreau and spend some life in the woods? Walden Pond was an influential book for me. And, I have to ask: Why does adventure need to be life-threatening?
  • Or…?

Well, let me know what you think below in the comments.

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