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Heinz Stucke sitting in front of a colorful mosaic.
Heinz Stucke has criss-crossed the globe on a bicycle multiple times. Seville, Spain. 1976.

The legend of legends of bicycle tourers

“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.”

At first Heinz Stucke, the man who is rumored to have done more bicycle touring than anyone in history was just a rumor. Then I met someone who met someone who met Heinz, and then not too long ago I met someone who met Heinz, confirming that he is still going. While I was on the road, I half hoped to meet him. Stranger things have happened and bicycle tourers are a bit like magnets on the road.

Finally, I have proof he exists. It seems he never wanted to promote himself but, finally, someone has captured his story. (Sorry, I don’t know who to credit this to.) Heinz has been on the road since 1962 and has logged over 600,000 KM and he is still going. Now, this guy probably has enough adventures to fill a library.

A tip of the bicycle helmet to you, Heinz. Good luck breaking 1,000,000 kilometers.

Update: Recently the Guinness Book of Records described him as having traveled more widely by bicycle than anyone in history.

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