The Make-A-Book Project and author-in-residence program school photographs. Pictured here are all four of the aerial-view school photos. Kids standing in the shape of a bicycle, worm, butterfly and cupcake.
Stack of 1500 drawings for the new book
Stack of 1500 drawings for the new book. Over the week, I met with every class in the elementary school to guide them through the illustration process.

The Cupcake Boy Book Project

The Make-A-Book Project has begun

Pictured here is a stack of about 1500 drawings for our new book “The Cupcake Boy” with Amy Belle Elementary. On top are disco-flavored cupcakes.

The Cupcake Boy is a story about a boy who loves to make the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world. But the greedy villagers take the boy and his cupcakes for granted. So the boy becomes disheartened and goes to the top of the mountain to ask himself why he should continue to make cupcakes in an ungrateful world.

There has been a lot of research for this book involving eating cupcakes :) I’m already excited for the book launch cupcake party!

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More stories about the making of this book

Purple and orange cupcakes matching the Cupcake Boy Cover

The Cupcake Boy is here

The Cupcake Boy is the story about a boy who makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world; however, the villagers take the boy for granted.

Sunflower cupcakes made out of candy corn.

The Cupcake Boy Book Celebration

We celebrated the new book, The Cupcake Boy, at Amy Belle Elementary at their Spring Fling. It was a big success! It makes me feel fulfilled to see all the proud young student illustrators. And, the cupcake bakesale led by the PTO raised enough money to pay for the whole Make-A-Book Project with some money

Colorful Gummi worm cupcakes being served on a silver platter.

Gummi Worm Cupcakes

Here’s a very strange coincidence. Guess what!? “Dirt cupcakes” with grass and a gummi worm on top. Bizarre!

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