The Make-A-Book Project and author-in-residence program school photographs. Pictured here are all four of the aerial-view school photos. Kids standing in the shape of a bicycle, worm, butterfly and cupcake.
Sunflower cupcakes made out of candy corn.
I love candy corn. And I loved these sunflower cupcakes with petals made out of candy corn. Eye-catching yet simple. How do people think of this stuff?

The Cupcake Boy Book Celebration

Purple and orange cupcakes matching the Cupcake Boy Cover
Purple and orange cupcakes matching the Cupcake Boy Cover. What a pleasant surprise this was.

We celebrated the new book, The Cupcake Boy, at Amy Belle Elementary at their Spring Fling. It was a big success! It makes me feel fulfilled to see all the proud young student illustrators. And, the cupcake bakesale led by the PTO raised enough money to pay for the whole Make-A-Book Project with some money left over to fund more activities and supplies for the students.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to the custodian, Rochelle, who turns out to be Amy Belle’s own Cupcake Lady. She spent a week baking monster cupcakes, Despicable Me Minion cupcakes, Cinderella cupcakes and much more. And many more parents donated hundreds of cupcakes to the school bake sale. And thanks to Arma for helping to organize everything in her cupcake pajamas.

Family celebrating getting illustration in the book
Family celebrating getting illustration in the book. Below is a young artist displaying her picture of the cupcake boy realizing he is like a greedy little piggy. Pictures like this help inspire new pages in the book and round out the story. (Photo with courtesy and permission from the family.)
Hundreds of cupcakes are being prepared.
Volunteers get ready for our cupcake bake sale. We had dozens of parent volunteers bake cupcakes for the fundraiser. Pictured here is only half the cupcakes.
Grover Monster cupcake with blue fur and googly eyes.
Grover Monster cupcake.
Monster cupcakes of all different colors and designs.
Monster cupcakes. A very creative plate. How can you even choose one?
Cinderella cupcake. The top half is a doll with a dress of yellow frosting.
Cinderella cupcake. The top half is a doll with a dress of yellow frosting.
Yellow Minion cupcakes made out of Twinkies on top of a cupcake base with lots of yellow frosting.
Minion cupcakes. A clever design that uses half Twinkies as the Minion and the cupcake as the base.

Make a book at your school

If this looks like fun, contact us to get a book project started at your school. We can even organize another bake sale to fund the project. More details about the fundraiser here.

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A satellite view of my giant cupcake.

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I think this is a beautiful picture even though it didn’t turn out as I imagined. The photo was taken on St. Patrick’s Day when all the kids were wearing green. I asked everyone with a red coat to be part of the cherry. I also didn’t account for perspective, which makes the muffin top

Purple and orange cupcakes matching the Cupcake Boy Cover

The Cupcake Boy is here

The Cupcake Boy is the story about a boy who makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world; however, the villagers take the boy for granted.

Colorful Gummi worm cupcakes being served on a silver platter.

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