Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.


Adventures by tricycle — tricycle tourers. Tricycles are stable machines that help kids learn how to ride a bicycle and help adults make more extreme adventures.

Tim and Laura Moss quit their jobs to cycle 13,000 miles around the world. Riding across deserts, over mountains and through jungles, they braved climatic extremes from sub-zero blizzards to the sweltering tropics. But this is not a book about cycling. It is a book about the world and its people.
Rachel tells her story: "I found myself without obligations, dealing with the pain of ending a long-term relationship when the idea of cycle touring started to form."
A kite-trike tour! Being pulled by a kite on a recumbent trike across Mongolia. That's the vision about an adventure from Matthias Ramsel!
If you didn't know, I rode a bicycle around the world, and the most popular question was: "How did you ride a bike across the ocean?" My favorite joke was to say: "I just put extra air in the tires." Now the joke has come true.
Another story that makes me jealous. The first human-powered, tricycle ride to the South Pole.