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The Arts

These are adventures whose theme is to pursue an artistic theme or endeavor. Art may not sound like a classic adventure, but we believe the arts pursue one of the great mysteries — what it means to be human. These artistic adventures include: the fine arts, books, dance, poetry, music, theater, filmmaking and more.

Red Calm by Lisa Kristine Huff

Lisa Kristine: A Photographer at Home with the World

The experience of traveling has always been a great mentor for me, a far greater mentor than academia. Lisa Kristine Earlier this month, the State of the World Forum convened in San Francisco, an event that is meant to inspire discussions on human rights, global security and social change. In attendance were international political leaders,

Petra Jordon in early morning light

Feature Photo: The Treasury

The Treasury. Petra, Jordon. Location: Petra, Jordon Photographed in the early morning light by Harvey M. Deutch Editor’s Note: This photo of The Treasury in Petra, Jordon was our very first feature photo in October 1999. Wow! (Editor’s note: Back when we launched our website in 1999, we used to post one picture a month,

Dr Lillian Larson sitting with villagers in Indonesia

Getting an Education During Summer Vacation

Dr. Lillian Larson: “I travel in order to enrich my life and the life of others. I feel that I can help bring remote parts of the world a little closer together.”

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