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These are adventures that take place in outer space — the final frontier.

I am one of the 297 people selected from the United States, half which are woman and about 75 in my age group. I am excited to be part of this! Even in a thousand years everyone will remember the first trip to Mars.
Scott applied to go to Mars and help establish a colony in 2023 — and so can you! Here is my application letter and video — it's about inspiring humanity.
I've been posting stories about adventurers (argonauts or in this case an astronaut) for about 13 years, despite many people saying there is nothing left to explore.
Our columnist Brook Mantia welcomes a a true space pioneer, Dennis Tito, back to Earth.
The mission to the moon has inspired generations. For a moment, it united humanity, and served to "to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills."
Meet our featured explorer Carl Sagan. A man who spent his life bringing science to the layperson
Our Space Tourism columnist, Brooke, recounts her visit to the 2nd Annual Lunar Development Conference, focusing on a permanent return to the Moon.
John S. Spencer is a renaissance man for the millennium with a fierce passion for creating humanity's future in space.
If you've got a yen for space travel, but you've been too busy to sign up for astronaut training, here are some space programs you can join now.
For thousands of years, humans have looked towards the heavens, questioning: Who created all this? What's out there? Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever answer these questions?
Although some consider it more "Motel 6" than "ClubMed," the Mir space station is being resurrected and transformed into the first tourist destination in space.
Welcome to Brooke Mantia's space tourism column! Only a few hundred people have traveled in space, but millions dream of it. This is Brooke's journey to make space tourism a reality.