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Senior Citizen

Adventure travels by senior citizens. These are extra inspirational.

After hunkering down for a year during the pandemic, at 71-years-old, Rachel begins her fourth bicycle tour with partner Patrick.
Rachel Hugens, world traveler by bicycle, shares the biggest lesson she learned after 25 years on and off the road. Avid traveler or armchair traveler, this will change your life, too!
Tom, 61, wants to do something before he runs out of of time, so he decides to cycle through Africa.
Our reporter, Andy, meets David Clark, 75, in the Panama Canal, as he attempts to sail solo around the world.
Our columnist Brook Mantia welcomes a a true space pioneer, Dennis Tito, back to Earth.
Richard discusses how his wife Ingrid has an insatiable appetite for adventure.
Dick and Ingrid share lessons learned and beautiful memories about their bicycle trip and share their photos with us.
Retired couple Dick and Ingrid return with an Update of their Pacific Coast Bicycle Trip.
A Real-Life Globetrotter with a Mission. Update: Manfred was one of the first adventures we followed in real-time. We're happy to see he finished his journey. Here we combined a few of our favorite posts.
Dick and Ingrid have started a new journey and cycle down the Pacific Coast.