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Budget travel

Ever wonder how to travel the world affordable or even for free? These are adventures done on a shoestring budget along with tips about how you can do the same.

Tim Moss explains how being an accountant is more fulfilling than being a full-time professional adventurer. Don't worry, he explains how you can do both.
Money: The third most important factor to travel. How budget for your travels using the example of cycling the world.
Your three biggest expense will be transportation, lodging and food. So these are the areas to focus on to make your travels affordable.
As a bicyclist and a very creative person, I wanted to add something to my travels and created the velobotones — small bikes made of wire and colorful buttons.
Andy discusses what the term "Third World" means, and what it is like to travel in these countries.
Andy recounts his experience on the Rio (river) Gallegos in Argentina, including some typical foods.
Rio, an exotic mix of cultures from all over the world, people wanting to love, and play, and enjoy the sun, and hoping for something strange to happen in their life.
Pop-open lids, do pop off! They pop off in your backpack and leak. Tips on how to keep bottles from leaking during your travels.