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A woman sitting on the edge of a cliff with the sun setting behind her. The text reads: Wanderlust. Noun. A great desire to travel and rove about.
Wanderlust goes by many names, like travel bug, walkabout, adventurous spirit... Share your stories of wanderlust with us.

Share your amazing adventure of self-discovery

Help inspire others to live their dreams

We’re dedicated to inspiring the human spirit, and to enabling people to venture into the unknown and turn their dreams into reality. No matter what you call it — the hero’s journey, wanderlust, walkabout, vision quest, coming-of-age ritual, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, spiritual awakening, the travel bug, voyage into the unknown, or self-transcendence — this is our exploration of life. Whether your journey is to be a world traveler, cupcake baker or street sweeper, as long as you do it with passion, we’d love to share your story with our fans.

We’re dedicated to sharing stories because I deeply believe we are all on this journey through life together. Learn why here.

There are 4 types of guest posts:

  • Sharing of a journey: A story about someone else’s journey that personally inspired you.
  • Before the journey: Most authors/adventurers agree that before they even begin their journey, writing a story helps them focus on their purpose and goals, including a theme such as charity, journalism, photography, best hamburger, etc. So, we welcome stories about your mental/physical/spiritual preparations.
  • During the journey: Send us updates from the road. This is our most popular post. We’ve had thousands of submissions.
  • After the journey: Likewise, stories written at the end of the journey also helps authors/adventurers ponder the lessons they learned and how their journey may fit into the bigger picture of their life and those whose paths they crossed. “I can say if it weren’t for writing my book, a lot would have been lost in space and time.” ~ Scott

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Submission guidelines

  • These are free guest posts. If you want to advertise here on our website, please read our advertising guidelines.
  • We recommend contacting us with your idea first.
    • We only accept stories from the first-person point of view; so, it must be about an adventurer that inspired you or an adventure you did!
    • Make sure your story has a purpose, like a life lesson learned. Ask yourself: What is the message I want my reader to take away to make their life better?
    • Dramatize the challenges of your personal growth, but please keep the overall tone of your story inspirational.
  • Writing style: Inspirational!
  • Include:
    • Headline
    • Subhead
    • Summary. One sentence less than 156 characters long.
    • Photos and captions. Please send links to photos or email them later. Captions should be 1-2 sentences.
    • Your website URL. (A link back to your personal website is one of the best things you can do for SEO.)
    • Story. About 300-1000 words.
    • Credits (author, photographer, sources).
    • If possible, include 1-3 non-spammy links where readers can get more information. Note: Unless you wrote a book or invented some travel gear, please do not link to any third-party products or services. This is not an advertisement!
  • The author agrees to:

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