Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.
Scott Stoll being interviewed while his bicycle is on the red, white and blue podium, occupying first, second and third place.
Scott Stoll's bicycle is honored on the podium at the Downer Classic leg of Tour of America's Dairyland.

Scott Stoll’s Media Appearances

Here are some of my favorite interviews. I feel honored to have shared my story will millions of people across the globe. My all-time favorites are the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and a full-page, 4-color story in the Milwaukee Journal. Some articles and interviews have been reprinted here.


Scott has expanded into other areas besides bicycling, in particular, taking his lessons from the road to help teach kids how to dream.



Scott's journey as featured in the media, including: The New York Times, Outside Magazine, WGN Chicago, San Francsico Chronicle, Wisconsin Public Radio, Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Magazine,, Outdoor Wisconsin, and hundreds more.
  • Listen to some of Scott’s broadcasts here.
  • Around the World Radio. (Scott was a radio correspondent aka the Bicycling Ambassador.)
  • Wisconsin Public Radio. The Larry Meiller Show.
  • Sirius Radio. The Fitness Guru. (Archived.)
  • Sustainable Futures



Please see Scott’s YouTube channel for a media playlist.

Newspaper and Magazine

Unfortunately, many newspaper and magazine stories have been archived and aren’t available online:

  • The Cape Argus, Cape Town South, Africa. It’s been a long pedal.
  • Momentum Magazine, Vancouver, Canada
  • 24 Seven Magazine (Taiwan)
  • The Edmonton Journal and
  • The San Francisco Examiner
  • The Tribune
  • The Waukesha Freeman
  • The Milwaukee Magazine. Tour de Force.
  • M Magazine. Have wheels, will travel.
  • The Bay News (Morro Bay, CA)
  • The Wanderer, Hostelling International
  • And more


  • “By the Seat of My Pants,” Lonely Planet. My journey was chronicled in the anthology edited by Don George.
  • “Pedal Power: Inspirational Stories from the World of Cycling.”
  • And, of course, my own Falling Uphill.

Partners and Sponsors

I’m working on making this section more presentable. Please see Partners and Sponsors.

  • Wigwam Socks. Who inspires you? Newsletter and website. (Archived.)
  • The San Diego International Hostel Association. Newsletter and website. (Archived.)
  • Waterford Precision Cycles. Catalog front cover, newsletter and website. (Archived.)
  • Dozens of newsletters for other events and sponsors.

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